Job hunting… a lesson

October 25, 2011 Misc 0

It’s not book related, but I feel it should be out there.

I know that the economy sucks and tons of people are looking for a job.  But some of these people are setting themselves up for failure.  I receive a gazillion applications a week, I can afford to be picky about whom to interview.  

In the last month here are the problems I’ve encountered:
1. 6 digit phone number.  Sadly more than once – how do you expect to get a job if you don’t know your own number.  Same thing for numbers that no longer work.
2. Lying about work history.  There is a reason why job history is on the application.  We want to check your references.  Don’t say you worked somewhere when you didn’t.  And don’t double the time you worked there either.  I can understand if you are off by a little (who remembers that stuff anyway?) but 9 months???  No.  I don’t think so.  (SN: I actually had someone tell me that their job history was none of my business)
3. Being late.  Seriously, if you can’t be on time for the interview, how can I expect you to be on time for work? 

And the best for last:
     An applicant was over the age of 18, but had no job history.  I call to ask if they have worked before because sometimes people are too lazy to fill it out (not a good sign) or they hit the wrong button and complete their application.   This person has never had a job before.  My follow up question: When did you graduate?  Answer: 2003.  
     What have you been doing since 2003?????

So if you’re out there looking for a job, good luck, and remember to fill out the application correctly!


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