Readathon Update – 19 hours

October 23, 2011 Readathon 2

Over and out. I was so tired that after another 20 pages of Dedication I put it down in favor of a reread, Confessions of a Shopaholic, entertaining enough to get me through to the 3 am hour.
My totals:
3 complete books: Relic (127 pages), Under the Dome (586 pages), Confessions of a Shopaholic (312 pages) and Dedication (131 pages).
I am too tired to add that up but it’s a lot of pages.
Can’t wait for the next readathon… Hopefully I’ll make it all 24 hours.


2 Responses to “Readathon Update – 19 hours”

  1. Kate@Midnight Book Girl

    You rocked your first Readathon! I’m so glad you joined in and I promise you by the time the next Readathon rolls around in April you’ll have forgotten how tired and desperate for sleep you were in the late night hours and want to do all over again!