Ebooks vs. Real Books

November 3, 2011 Misc 0

Yesterday I was reading a book on my ereader while waiting at the dentist office when someone asked me if I missed reading “real” books or did I like the ereader better.  And the answer is yes I miss real books and yes I like the ereader better.

I was an ereader skeptic.  There’s nothing better than holding a book in your hand, turning the pages and seeing how far you’ve come (and how much you have left).  Not to mention looking at your bookshelf and knowing which books you’ve read the most by the condition that they are in. 

About 2 years ago I got a free ebook.  I would take my laptop to bed with me and read.  And I discovered that it was kind of nice having it on my computer.  If I couldn’t remember something I could just search for a keyword to find it and then return to the page I was reading.  Over the next few months I downloaded a few more ebooks.  By this time my laptop hit rock bottom in battery life (if I’m lucky I get 30 min).  So it was buy a new battery… or maybe try an ereader.

After lots of research and deliberation I finally caved and bought one.  And I love it.  As much as I love ‘real” books, ebooks are much more convenient.  My ereader doesn’t take a lot of room in my purse so I can carry it anywhere.  It’s especially good for big thick books, like Dome by Stephen King.  Who wants to carry that book around?  You can bookmark pages you want to go back to and write notes.  The best feature of all is the dictionary.  If I don’t know a word in a book, I skip it.  I never use a dictionary.  With an ereader all you have to do is tap the word to get a definition.  Best.  Feature.  Ever.

I won’t stop reading “real” books, but I wouldn’t give up my ereader either.


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