Guess who just learned a lesson?

February 3, 2012 Misc 1

That would be me! 

This has been such a crummy week.  I had to teach a class at work and than do out of office work which caused me to fall behind in my work.  I’ve also had this huge headache all week long.  Stress?  Lack of sleep?  Lack of caffienne?  Allergies?  I don’t know what’s been causing it but it has been so bad that I have not picked up a book since Sunday.  That’s right, Sunday!  Thankfully today the headache was only very slight.  And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow it will be gone completely.

I didn’t feel like doing anything tonight so I thought I would just stay home, watch some TV, and catch up on some misc stuff, like paying bills (boo) and preparing some blog posts (yay). 

And, this is where I learned my lesson… check check and recheck before hitting publish. 

I most definitely posted my Top Ten Tuesday for next week today.  I believe I rectified the situation by changing it to this post here, but I can’t always be certain of what I’m doing on my blog.  It’s possible my post for Books I’d Recommend To Someone Who Doesn’t Read, may still show up in reader or feed.

I will certainly be checking my posts in the future!


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