The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Review

February 29, 2012 Reviews 8

by Stieg Larsson
Genres: Adult, Mystery, Thriller
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Also in this series: The Girl Who Played With Fire

What I Thought…

The synopsis makes me laugh a little, Once you start The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, there’s no turning back.  I turned back twice, and would have a third time if not for my mom.  You have to muddle through 224 pages before it starts to get good.   But, it is so worth it!

It’s been awhile since I read a real good crime thriller.  There are few different things going on in the book The mystery of Harriet’s dissapearance was fascinating and was not what I expected.  There were some parts of the book that were hard to take but the book wasn’t as dark as I heard it was.  I’m not really sure what that says about me.

I loved Lisbeth.  Her character is very different but you can’t help but like her.  She’s kind of an awkward character, but that’s what I liked about her.  Blomkvist was ok.  I didn’t like him as much as Lisbeth but I didn’t hate him either.

There’s not really much else to say without giving away the good parts.  If you are like me and put it down because it was boring I urge you to push through the boringness because in the end it’s worth it.


8 Responses to “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Review”

  1. ....Petty Witter

    Interesting to read your thoughts on this. I really must get around to reading these books, its just that I’m somewhat put off by the fact that I’m informed there is quite a lot of violence in them.

    • Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books

      There is a lot of violence in it, but it’s not all violence. Honestly, because I had heard about how dark the book is and how violent, etc it turned out to be less violent than I expected it to be.

  2. Christy D

    I need to read this so bad. I refuse to watch the movies until I do. A friend read this, and he kind of struggled through it too at first. At least now I know to keep reading…