A little bit of Randomness

March 8, 2012 Misc 6


I was trying really hard to do two reviews per week but I’ve only finished one book this week and my time is limited so theres no way I’m going to finish a second book.
If you aren’t watching Revenge and Grimm, why not?
I haven’t been this invested in a non-cop/law show since ER (the good years).  If you haven’t already been watching Revenge I recommend you go to abc.com or hulu or wherever and start watching (from the beginning) because it is so good.
Grimm is really good too, and while it’d be helpful to watch the show from the beginning its not completely necessary.  Last weeks show was the best yet.
Work question of the week
“I know I got fired for stealing but I need money so can I come back to work?”

Application tip of the week
Use all 7 digits of your phone number.

Traffic observation of the week
Until I moved to Virginia I had no idea that a four-way stop was so complicated.  Seriously, people just do not know what to do.

Facebook rant of the week

If you don’t want people knowing your personal business… don’t put it on facebook. 

Blogging complaint of the week

I received a not so nice comment earlier this week by an anonymous user.  The comment wasn’t especially rude or malicious, it was just unnecessary.  Offending comment has been removed and anonymous comments have been turned off.
Scary observation of the week
People who wear hoodies when it’s 65 degrees outside.  What are you hiding?

Words that should be in the dictionary but aren’t
Facebook, dystopian, creeped.  I’m tired of having these show up as incorrect spellings.

This coming weekend… I am going to be doing 2 things that I absolutely hate doing
1. Making my case at Home Depot as to why the paint doesn’t match and hopefully getting my paint replaced and even more hopeful that the replacement actually matches so I don’t end up having to repaint the whole room.   

2.  Taxes.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend more then I will!


6 Responses to “A little bit of Randomness”

  1. Jenny

    Well, I’m happy to report I watch both Grimm and Revenge and LOVE them both. Last weeks episode of Grimm WAS cool, wasn’t it? I also hate that dsytopian supposedly isn’t a word. Drives me crazy!

  2. fakesteph

    Thanks for reminding me of taxes! I have to start revenge. And don’t worry about the one book. I’m struggling to maintain one book right now, although I prefer to do two as well. Sometimes, life happens. :)

    • Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books

      It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have time to read because I was doing something fun. It sucks because it’s unfun stuff that I have to do.

      Taxes are one of the most unfun things ever. Could they make them more complicated?

  3. Kate@Midnight Book Girl

    I did watch the first episode of Grimm, and I liked it. Not sure why I stopped watching, but I’m willing to give it another shot!

    I love hearing about the crazies at your work. It makes me happy, despite the fact that it causes you so much misery. I’m a bad, bad friend!

    I agree with all your words.

    As for the one book, why not write a review on a book you’ve read in the past? Just pick one from your shelf and go nuts!

    And hey, we need to purchase our MegaBus tickets soon! Maybe when you come over Saturday, or should we do it sooner?

    • Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books

      I thought about picking a book to review that I’ve already read but
      by the time I realized I wouldn’t finish Under the Never Sky by Wednesday I didn’t have any time to write a review for something else either.

      I need to write a few reviews to keep “just in case”. I think that is going to be my plan this week.

      I enjoy spreading my work stories, even if they did make me miserable, because they make others smile.