Bloggiesta Mini Challenges Post

March 30, 2012 Bloggiesta 19

Rather than doing separate posts for any challenges I complete I will do them here on this post as well as post updates on the progress of my to-do list.

Challenge #1 HTML Basics

  1. Made the header
  2. Email me
  3. Made this list

Challenge #2  Back up your blog
 I did it, and it was really easy.  I even took the time to back it up to Word Press too.

Challenge #3 What’s a Rafflecopter?
 This was really easy to set up and it looks easier to keep track of too.

Challenge #4 MisterLinky
Even though I haven’t had a need for it yet it was nice to do the tutorial so that I know what to do if I do need it.  It’s installed below so go ahead and leave me a link to your bloggiesta post (or any other post you’d like me to check out).

Challenge #5 Make some pages!
Well this certainly took up a good portion of my afternoon/evening.  And unfortunately I’m still not quite finished.  I decided to follow the trend and create some drop down menus which turned out pretty good however right now most of the links go to blank pages that I still have to fill.  Sigh.  I’m marking this as complete because I did the pages and I will be filling them in when I move up to the sidebar challenge. 

Challenge #6 What is Windows Live Writer?
I started using WLW a couple weeks ago.  I had a few problems with it but overall it was way better than blogger.  But now it’s even better because the lovely Jacinda had solved my biggest peeve about WLW (Why does Microsoft feel that everyone wants a space between paragraphs?) and helped me to discover that my other problem isn’t really a problem. 

Challenge #7 Sidebar Help… What do you really need?This was a lot of work, but I’m pretty happy with my results.  I might do a little more adjusting but for the most part I’m finished.  I tried switching to just one sidebar, but I didn’t really like the look of it but I did get rid of at least half the things on my side bar AND I finished updating all the pages so that they actually have information on them.

Challenge #8 Write some extra review posts

Ok I really only did 2 but I don’t have any other books fresh in my mind.  Hopefully I will be able to get ahead of the game after the April Readathon.

Challenge #9 Update my challenge progress

Note to self – don’t procrastinate again!

Challenge #9 How to build reads for your blog through commenting

20 comments posted on other blogs – done


And I’m out!  I have book club tonight and work tomorrow so my time with bloggiesta has come to an end.   I’ve had a fabulous time participating in bloggiesta!  As a new blogger I am learning stuff all the time and all these mini challenges were extremely helpful.  A huge thanks goes to all those who shared their knowledge.  I have a few more challenges bookmarked that I will be coming back to when I have time. 

¡Bloggiesta Olé!


19 Responses to “Bloggiesta Mini Challenges Post”

  1. fakesteph

    Oh man… you guys are being all productive. I’m sick. That’s my excuse. I’m going to get back into bed and read.

  2. Cindy

    I am looking forward to bloggiesta and I think I might steal this idea and copy you. HEHE I think having one central post for the challenges might be a good idea instad of several.

    Have fun and I hope you manage to get alot of things done this weekend.

    See you soon

  3. Jenny

    Looks like you’re off to a good start. I have no idea what I’ll actually accomplish.


    I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a WP backup. I thought it was automatically backed up with every save. I guess I’d better look into the tutorial you did, too.

  5. Jen Ryland/YA Romantics

    Wow — you were so productive!

    I back up whenever I remember, and I actually have a blog set up (I switched from WP to Blogger — long story). So I guess I could start importing my backups in there if I wanted to.

    Thanks for telling me I can just put the HTML in my posts to make block quotes. I think that will be easier for me anyway.

    Can’t use WLW cause I’m on a Mac. Oh well..

  6. Alexia561

    Awesome list of goals, and look how many you’ve already completed! Never even thought about the drop down menus for pages, but now I want to do that too! :)

  7. Chrisbookarama

    I started using WLW for the challenge and I’m liking it so far. It took a little getting used to though. Great job on your goals!