It’s Bloggiesta Time!

March 30, 2012 Bloggiesta 13

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I’m pretty excited!  When I made my first to-do list I didn’t fully realize all the possibilities out there so I’ve revised my goals.  I hope to accomplish quite a few things but we’ll see how time goes.

The stuff I really really want (need) to do:
Complete! * What is Windows Live Writer?  Figure out why Windows Live Writer just isn’t working right for me.  I started using it a couple weeks ago and it’s working far better than blogger, yet I still have trouble with the formatting looking right.  I am determined to conquer this!
Complete! * Make some pages! and Sidebar Help… What do you really need?  These two go hand in hand and it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile but just haven’t taken the time.
Complete! * Prepare some extra review posts.  I tend to read and write so if I don’t have a lot of time to read or I pick up a big book I fall short in my review goals.
Complete! * How to build reads for your blog through commenting.  I think I do a good job not leaving generic comments (and if I am, please tell me!) but I know I don’t comment nearly enough.  I use a reader on my iphone and it’s hard to comment so even if I have something to say I forget by the time I get home.  I need to work out some kind of plan to comment more.
* Improve/fix my labels.
Complete! * Update my challenge progress 

Other stuff that isn’t critical, but I want to do it anyway.
Complete! * MisterLinky I haven’t really had a need for this yet… but I want to learn anyway because I’m sure it’s something I’ll need in the future.
Complete! * What’s a Rafflecopter? I’ve heard this is the easiest way to do a giveaway so I’m gonna check it out.
* Get noticed by search engines.  Honestly SEO is something that completely mystifies me.
Complete! * HTML Basics.  I’m not sure I’ll ever remember the * Policies I didn’t spend a lot of time writing mine so they aren’t very clear.  
Complete! * Back up your blog. Wow that was super easy!   I can’t believe I hadn’t done that before.

Now that I’ve wrote this down I think I have more work than I have time.  But we’ll see how things go!  I also plan on checking out some of the other challenges (current and past) too.


13 Responses to “It’s Bloggiesta Time!”

  1. fakesteph

    Oh man, it sounds like you have a lot to do! It makes me want to do some maintenance on my blog, but I just got The List in the mail, so maybe I’ll hold off for a little longer.

  2. Mary-Sweet Bookshelf

    I’m excited about Window’s Live Writer! My husband is going to show me this weekend how to use it. I’m also going to check out SEO for Blogger and then do a how to post on it. I’m really interested in that!

  3. The1stdaughter

    It looks like you’ve already checked so much off your list! Way to go! Sheila’s commenting challenge is a great one though, so I hope you get to that one as well. Good luck and thanks for joining in Bloggiesta!

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  4. Anne

    WOW! You’ve completed almost everything! *sigh* I wish I’d been that productive today… So what’s the plan once you’re done?

    Nice meeting you and good luck with the rest!

    • Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books

      I was really motivated because there were so many things that I had no clue about to learn, and I knew that I had to work Sunday so I would not be able to do anything later.

      I still have some more things I’d like to do, but it’ll have to wait till later.