Hour 5 Readathon Mini Challenge: Book Sentence

April 21, 2012 Readathon 28

Welcome to your hour 5 Read-a-Thon Challenge!

Your challenge is to make a book sentence.  What is a book sentence you ask?  Well… a book sentence is a sentence made up of book titles!

Here are two examples:
1 – My sweet Audrina we’ll meet again before I say goodbye.
2 – America hold tight the second time around.

For this challenge you will use book titles to form a complete sentence, and then take a picture of your sentence and post it to your blog, facebook or twitter account and then come back and fill out the linky with your link. 

* Because you’ll be taking a picture, no ebooks allowed.  Sorry!
* Book titles ONLY.  You may not use author names or add/remove words to a title.  This is what makes the challenge a challenge, verbs are hard to come by!
* Use a minimum of 3 books.
* Take a picture and post to your blog, facebook or twitter account.
* Come back here and leave your link in the correct linky

It’s ok if the sentences don’t make perfect sense, that’s part of the fun!

I’ll be offering 2 prizes for this challenge
* Prize 1 for US Readers – Partials by Dan Wells
* Prize 2 for International Readers (open to anywhere The Book Depository ships to) – one book, up to $15 from The Book Depository

The challenge will be open for 3 hours (Hours 5-7).

Please make sure you enter the correct linky!

US READERS USE THIS LINKY! (Partials by Dan Wells)

INTERNATIONAL READERS USE THIS LINKY! (1 book up to $15 from The Book Depository)

I’ll be picking 1 winner randomly from each group and I will notify you on your blog/twitter/facebook (where ever you posted your picture). 

Good Luck!


28 Responses to “Hour 5 Readathon Mini Challenge: Book Sentence”

  1. Amy

    I don’t have a blog but I posted my picture to my facebook page. My sentence isn’t perfect, but it works. :)

  2. Erin

    Super-fun challenge!!! I posted mine, but then had regrets since I used “Girl of Nightmares” in it and it outed me to the fact I haven’t mailed it to you yet! :( LOL Perhaps I will use one of my breaks to mail it ::hides face in shame::

  3. Kanaye

    I’ve always liked this challenge. I had several sentences to chose from but finally went with “My Fair Captain Snared The Vampire’s Heart” Sounds like a good premise for a book too!

  4. Deepali

    awww I cant do this one :( I’m only doing ebooks for this challenge, as I’m not at home..so no access to my actual books.
    *le sigh*
    Dee, cheering from e-Volving Books[Team Puck]

  5. Cindy Smith

    GReat sentences Kimberly LOL you are doing great. Keep up the great work. Hmm perhaps there should be a food shot or people shot hint hint LOL

  6. The Perennial Reader

    Another very clever challenge that got your brain working, haha :)

  7. portrayaloftichwi

    I love this challenge! Especially fun when I’m not around my own books.

  8. Jessica

    Kimberly, thank you for hosting this great challenge! I have always loved this idea of book sentences, but have never actually done one. You and the entries have all inspired me to try. :)

  9. feodora

    Sorry I did not see that there are different linky for US and other. So I only count for international readers

  10. feodora

    … it was great fun looking for books to make a sentence, not that easy. Thanks for this break from reading. Sorry that my example is in german only

  11. Joy Renee

    That was so fun. I made two and couldn’t decide which one to post so I posted both. You’ll find them at the 11:55 update on my thon post linked in the linky.

  12. Nikki

    I never got a reply to my email with my address and stuff, so I thought I’d just check you got it…