Mini Challenge: Favorite Trouble Maker

April 21, 2012 Readathon 8

The Fake Steph Dot Com is hosting the Favorite Trouble Maker Challenge.  I just read White Cat so I’m having some trouble thinking of anyone other than Cassel but I think this qualifies.

My favorite anti hero is Severus Snape from Harry Potter!


8 Responses to “Mini Challenge: Favorite Trouble Maker”

  1. Lexi

    I, too, love Snape! Great anti-hero. I can’t really choose a favorite, although I recently read Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim, and Slim is a pretty good anti-hero. Guess I should have done a post on this, huh? Happy Read-a-Thon!

  2. Erin

    We have the same fave anti-hero. Truth be told, he was the only one I could think of at the time, but I think I would still have picked him… of maybe Gale from Hunger Games.

  3. Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE I didn’t think of Snape! (I said this same thing on Erin’s blog.) I was trying to think of a Harry Potter character but for some reason I could only think of Voldemort and Umbridge. And while I think those are great characters, I don’t love them! But Snape is the perfect anti-hero! This is THE answer, as far as I’m concerned. ;)