Sunday’s in Bed with… The Name of the Star

April 15, 2012 In Bed With... 14

Kate at Midnight Book Girl has started a new feature on Sunday mornings to share with everyone what you’re reading in bed Sunday morning before getting to the days activities.

Maureen Johnson The Name of the StarToday I’m reading The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson.

I feel like I’ve been reading this book forever!  I’m really enjoying the book but I can’t seem to find a good chunk of time to read it.  I’m hopefully going to finish it today.  I have a busy week coming up and I want to start the readathon off with a clean slate of books (of which I have many)!

I’m reading The Name of the Star because some people told me to so I never read the synopsis or anything, and I had no idea that this was a paranormal story.  Not that it matters… I just wanted to say that I was a little surprised because I thought it was just a mystery.

What are you spending Sunday’s in bed with?


14 Responses to “Sunday’s in Bed with… The Name of the Star”

  1. Bittner

    I hope you like this one! It was my first Maureen Johnson, but now I am listening to 13 Little Blue Envelopes. I liked the Jack the Ripper aspect of the book and I am excited to see where the series goes in future books.

  2. Kate@Midnight Book Girl

    I hope you get some time to read this one too! I listened to the audio version, which was pretty great.

    I’m probably dragging Aaron along this afternoon so that he can show you how to use some of the equipment after yoga (or during, because my knee is a bit sore so I’m starting to rethink the crawling around on the floor aspect but I’m willing to DEFINITELY do Zumba Monday night, and kind of excited about water workouts). Steph wants us to go to AmFam on Sunday after Readathon for “BodyPump” workout, which sounds like fun if we aren’t dead and it doesn’t cost a lot.

  3. Jenny

    I feel like I’ve been stuck reading the same two books forever too. I have this one on my shelf. I’ve heard good. things

  4. Cindy

    I have this book on my wishlist and waiting for it to come out in paperback. I hear its a good read and I hope you enjoy it.