TGIF: Vacation and FF: Letter to Author

May 4, 2012 Feature and Follow, Meme, TGIF 20

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Literary Vacations: If you could take a trip this summer to any place within a fictional book, where would you go? Tell us about your summer dream vacation!

This was probably one of the easiest questions for me to answer.  My dream literary vacation would be to go to Hogwarts and Hogsmead.  Someday I will take a vacation to Florida and go to the Harry Potter theme park because that’s as close as I’ll get to “the real thing.” 

Where do you want to go?


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What is one thing you wish you could tell your favorite author?

I don’t have one absolute favorite author above all others so it was hard to pick just one author so I’m going to go with Veronica Roth, because I’m currently reading Insurgent.

Dear Veronica,

Pretty please, with sugar on top, write some more scenes (preferably a whole book) from Four’s point of view.  I understand you need to finish writing/editing/whatever to book three in the series, and that’s fine, but I think a book from Four’s point of view should be considered.

Your biggest fan, Kim

What do you have to say to your favorite author?


20 Responses to “TGIF: Vacation and FF: Letter to Author”

  1. Sarah

    Before I even finished reading that question I knew my answer would be Hogwarts. There is no cooler place in literature.

  2. Kate@Midnight Book Girl

    lol, I bet Hogwarts will top the lists! And I obviously need to stop doing pretty much anything other than reading so I can get to Divergent. I really, really want to read it before BEA. I can make this happen!

  3. fakesteph

    I bought the Insurgent audiobook and I was going to start it today, but I decided to listen to the Scorpio Races again. I’m going to listen to Insurgent soon though. As soon as I switch to reading the Scorpio Races on my kindle, I’ll listen to Insurgent. I love Four. Sigh.

    I bet Hogsmeade is lovely this time of year.

  4. Lauren@ The Housework Can Wait

    LOL, maybe if fans keep bugging her, she’ll change her mind about writing more Four! Which reminds me, I still need to check out the Free Four chapter.

    New follower.

    Thanks for following on my FF!

  5. Kelsey

    Popping in! I’m also reading Insurgent right now and ohmygoshIloveit! Four is so stoic that it would be great to read something from his perspective… I read somewhere yesterday that Veronica wrote Divergent’ first scene and all the scenes with Four first, then filled in all the rest second. Interesting, huh?

    I’m a new follower! Feel free to visit my FF!

    P.S… Reading your about me made me seriously crave a brownie. I think I’m going to go to the store and buy all the trapping for them right now. But actually.