A little thing called BEA

June 2, 2012 BEA 6

I may have mentioned this before but I am attending BEA! 

About six months ago my friend Kate and I were eating at Five Guys (mmmmmmm delicious!) when she mentioned this BEA thing and I was like “let’s do this!”  I can be a little impulsive like that.  In fact almost all my vacations have been decided upon in similar fashion. 

So we met up with Steph at Panera (even more deliciousness!) and started to plan our trip.  My brother got me a hotel room at a discounted price (Thanks, Brad!) and Kate and I found two awesome roommates, Cindy and Kellie.

It’s now crunch time!  I have many lists.  Things to do before I go.  Things to pack.  Things to remember.  Things I want to see.  I may or may not have a spreadsheet.  Or two. 

There are many more things than this on my list but here are some of the highlights

I know for sure I will be at the Bloggers Conference on Monday (I will be choosing the Critical Reviews session and the Demystifying the Book Blogger & Publisher Relationship session.)  I’ll be at the John Green breakfast on Wednesday as well as a cocktail party for Laura Moriarty and the Penguin Bird Bash that same night.  I’ll probably be at the teen carnival as well as all over the Javits center.


This is me!  It’s not a very recent picture but it’s the closest I have to my current style and hair color.  Except for the bangs.  I haven’t had those in a long time.




This is not a very good picture of my face but it’s definitely the way my hair will look.  It’s highly unlikely that my hair will be down at any point.  Especially if it’s hot or rainy.

I’m looking forward to so many things but most of all I’m looking forward to meeting some blogger friends and having a great time! 

If you’re going be sure to let me know!


6 Responses to “A little thing called BEA”

  1. Cindy Smith

    Kim can’t wait to meet you tomorrow night. I will be getting a post up like this tonight since I just got my hair done this morning.

    Can I just say that I am not packed at all and if you would look you would be surprised. I will be doing that later today.

  2. AliyaPM

    I’ll be there! I’m going to the John Green breakfast, blogger conference, and teen author carnival. I’ll probably see you around!

  3. Jenny

    Sigh, I sure am getting jealous of you lucky ducks! I wish I could go but time and money and all that. Sigh! Have fun!

  4. Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase

    “I may or may not have a spreadsheet. Or two.” LOL! I’ve been planning for my vacation that’s in a couple of weeks and I have 4 check-off lists! ;)

    Oooh, that Demystifying the Book Blogger & Publisher Relationship session sounds awesome! I’m still really really hesitant to contact publishers or publicists – I just feel like I have no idea what to do and I’ll do it all wrong!

    I know you guys will have a fantastic time!!!

  5. Erin

    Oh, I’m so green with envy. Have a GREAT time!!!! Hopefully I’ll be able to go next year and possibly get to mee you! :)