Guest Post * The Crazy Was Broughten!

June 13, 2012 BEA, Guest Review 10

Hi guys!  I am a little (ok, a lot) swamped this week.  I had a blast at BEA but I came home to a whole lot of work that unfortunately needs to be done before I can play with all my pretty new books and visit all the blogs of all the wonderful people I met last week.  Kate from Midnight Book Girl has graciously offered to do a guest post for me this week to help me out.  (Thanks Kate!)


Before BEA I wrote a post on how I was bringing the crazy to BEA… but I needn’t have bothered, because it turns out New York and the people that visit it are full up on crazy.  And not my own personal brand of cute/crazy, like many book lovers my crazy can be both nerdy and adorable.  Other people’s crazy… not so much.

The crazy was broughten before Kim and I could even leave our hometown.  So here are just some crazy highlights:

– The lady on the bus who stood her toddler up on her lap to change his diaper only to have him pee ALL OVER HER.  (Note from Kim – He’s a boy.  She should have known better than to do that.)

– The couple on the bus who would not turn off their phone alarm because they had fallen asleep with headphones in their ears.  They sat behind Kim, but she managed not to kill them.

– Our first New York cab driver, Muhammad Sultan, who was cranky and homicidal.  Cars are weapons, people, pedestrians beware this man. 

– Despite our awesome hotel experience, there was the issue of the hot water being both scalding and aggressive.  Expensive chemical peels?  No need to waste your money, you can just take a hot shower!

– The older gentleman at BEA who, after lengthy description of what books I was in line to get signed, got offended when I gave up and said that they were Young Adult books.  Someone didn’t get their fiber that morning, obviously.  (Note from Kim – He was not the only one to get all huffy about it being YA.  There were several eye rollers.  They are probably the ones reading/writing those articles about why adults should not read YA.)

– The lady who bumped into Kim because she was staring at her iPad screen, and then got huffy with Kim, even though Kim apologized despite it NOT BEING HER FAULT. 

– The lady (and I am using descriptions like “lady” and “gentleman” pretty loosely here, folks) behind us in line to get tickets for the Mary Higgins Clark autographing, and how she tried to get the ticket dude to hand them out early, and then got all pissed at him when he said he didn’t have them yet.  Then got snarky with me when I made the comment about how we expected the MHC line to be pretty crazy, because she wasn’t there for MHC, she was there for the other author… okay, again, lack of fiber?

– My loud whining in the hotel lobby because the staff was having a party that we didn’t get invited to.  (Note from Kim – EVERYONE heard her.)

– My own crazy meltdown when our cab got stolen.  (Note from Kim – It was part crazy, part understandable.  After all, the woman did steal our cab and lied about it.)

– The cab that we got right after my meltdown (see, sometimes losing your damn mind brings cabs to you!), getting rear-ended by an SUV driver who obviously had a history with our cabbie (really bad words were used).

– The restaurant that our author cocktail was supposed to held at had been seized by the owner of the building.  (Note from Kim – I suppose that’s better than being seized by the Health Department.)

 -Kim had her own crazy moments too, but the only thing I’m going to mention is that KIM DOES NOT LIKE DUST ON HER CAMERA LENS!  (Note from Kim – My dad is a photographer.  It’s just a hobby, but it’s a SERIOUS hobby and I know my dad would completely freak out if I was not taking proper care of my camera.  There was stuff on the lens and that would ruin the pictures so it needed to be taken care of.)

– The crazy drool lady who blocked me from getting out of the bus bathroom, talked loudly and crazy until she passed out, and then, of course, drooled all over herself on the way home from New York.

Kim has other great crazy stories to share, including the epic freak out that happened outside our hotel during the last few hours of our New York trip, but I’ll let her share those when she gets the time to write about BEA.  (Note from Kim – This is my favorite NY story so you’ll be reading about it later for sure!)

Thanks again Kate for being so fabulously awesome for doing a guest post for me.


10 Responses to “Guest Post * The Crazy Was Broughten!”

  1. Jenny

    Come one, it wouldn’t have been quite as fun if it wasn’t full of crazy. Right? K, maybe not.

  2. Cindy Smith

    You mean to tell me there was a party at our hotel and my I heart Luis didn’t invite us? Oh man that is so going in my post about the hotel LOL

    Excuse me Kate but i thought it was my Canadian good luck charm that brought you the cab?

  3. Bittner

    I can’t believe you didn’t share any of those crazy stories with me when I talked to you the other day! I loved all of them!!!