I’m just another Lemming – Observations on Fifty Shades

June 21, 2012 Misc 19

File:Lemming (1).jpgI just learned something new!  I just went to search for an image of the Lemmings game only to discover that a Lemming is an actual animal!  It’s a small rodent in case you were wondering.  The reason why I read Fifty Shades of Grey is because, well, everyone else was doing it!  (If you don’t know what a lemming is – one lemming will follow another lemming, which will lead to a big group of lemmings, and they will do whatever lemming #1 does even if lemming #1 jumps off a cliff.  It was a very popular video game in the 90’s.  Don’t Judge.) 

I was never planning on reading it, but since everyone else was talking about it I was starting to feel a little left out, so I caved.

This is not a review, it’s more like some random observations.  There really isn’t anything inappropriate that I will be discussing, but I feel obligated to say that if you are under 18 you should stop reading right now.

  • My very first thought after finishing the first book was: There has got to be better written erotica than this!
  • My second thought: Hmm.  Only 4 hours?  400 pages?  Wow.  I know that I am a fast reader, but that’s ridiculous!
  • If I wouldn’t have already known it was fan fiction I’m not sure I would have made the connection.  I’m a little slow like that.
  • There were several times where I wanted to slap one (or more) of the characters for the way the behaved.
  • A movie?  Really?
  • People were buying these books for mother’s day?  Really?  Cause I don’t know about y’all, but my brother and I were found in a berry bush. 
  • I was not one of those people who felt comfortable buying this book at Target, Barnes & Noble, Borders or wherever.  It both amazed me and shocked me that people were doing so.  It’s just not a book I would buy in person (hello ebooks!) but at the same time it’s good that people (other people of course, not me) could buy this type of book in public and not be embarrassed.
  • We read this for our June book selection and I have to say that it was probably one of the best book discussions we’ve ever had (we tend to stray a lot).  There is just so much you can discuss.
    • The obvious things like the writing, plot, characters etc
    • Christian’s control issues
    • Ana’s lack of backbone
    • How the lifestyle is portrayed
    • And lots of other stuff that I can’t seem to remember right now.
  • Some people in book club hated it, some liked it.  It was a good mix and made for some very interesting discussions.  I know this is going to sound a little strange but it’s a book I would actually recommend for a book club because of what topics it brings forward to discuss.

Well there you have it, some random observations about the Fifty Shades Trilogy.

Have you read it?  What did you think?


19 Responses to “I’m just another Lemming – Observations on Fifty Shades”

  1. fakesteph

    Hahahaha. I STILL haven’t read it yet… I just… it just… I don’t think I could handle how poorly written it is, but maybe I will try anyway. This post made me laugh, though. :)

  2. ....Petty Witter

    As you say this does seem to be the book of the minute. Usually a bit of a lemming myself in that I generally end up reading these much blogged about books I think this may prove the exception in that I really can’t see myself reading it. Great review and very honest, thanks.

  3. Jen Ryland/YA Romantics

    Funny post!! Have not read this, though I usually like to check out super-popular books, just to see what it is about them. Sometimes I get it, sometimes not. I bet it did make for a fascinating book club discussion.

  4. Cindy Smith

    Kim you are too funny. I guess I am a lemmer. I sadly bought this book (and the others) because of another blogger. I went and bought it and a walmart I never shop at and a costco i dont’ go to often because I didn’t want to be the one pointed at when i went back to shop LOL so you too were found in a berry bush. :)

  5. Christina

    My first thought: WAIT, that’s what a lemming looks like? How did I not know that was what they look like?

    I tried to read 50 Shades, and I only made it through like seven chapters. The writing just made me want to weep for the state of humanity.

  6. Jenny

    Hee hee! I love your random thoughts. I saw someone else was reading this for their book club and thought they were crazy but that’s awfully judgey of me. I haven’t read it or really know anything about it so…yeah.

  7. Kate@Midnight Book Girl

    Honestly, you didn’t know Lemmings were real animals? But I do kind of love that there was so much to discuss in the book, although I was sad that Katherine didn’t do a feminist throw down over the book. Possibly because she didn’t read it all… I was expecting a lot more argument over the book, but the only thing that was controversial was the fact that one of our book club members doesn’t find Alexander Skarsgard yummy.

  8. Erin

    I have not read this book for this very reason… I felt like I would be a lemming. I’m all about reading a book because a lot of people are reading a book because it’s good, but I feel like everyone is reading this book just because it’s raunchy (I realize this is a gross generalization, but it’s just my opinion). If the only thing people can talk about when discussing this book is the naughty bits, I feel like there can’t be that much substance.

  9. Bittner

    Really, I just thought it was fine. I guess I liked it but I definitely didn’t love it. And I wouldn’t read it again and have no desire to read the rest of the trilogy.

    My favorite part was the ipod scene at the end! I’m just saying I might have to try that on my honeymoon ;)

  10. Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase

    I have not had any desire to read this for a couple of reasons: I can be a bit of a Grammar Nazi (okay, a huge Grammar Nazi) and I think the poor writing would drive me insane, and also because I get bored if I read a book where a couple makes out for more than a page. So, yeah, I don’t think I’m going to read this one. But one of the girls in my book club Double Dog Dared me to read it and those things are kind of binding. I’ll see what she says at our next meeting and if she pulls out the torture devices I might have to cave. ;)

    BTW, my husband loved the Lemmings game! He found an app for his iPhone that is a similar game and plays it all the time!

    • Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books

      The grammar would drive you crazy, for me it was more the lack of editing. And the random spelling bee words that were thrown in at weird times.

      I’m glad your husband loved the Lemmings! No one ever knows what I’m talking about. (Though apparently neither did I, as I didn’t know they were real.)