Random Thoughts on Books: Spoiler & Synopsis

August 31, 2012 Random Thoughts on Books and Blogging 16

PhotobucketRandom Thoughts on Books is going to be my new Friday feature.  It sounds exactly like what you think it is – my random thoughts on anything book related. It could be about plot, characters, covers, new releases, series, book stores, people, movies, pretty much anything goes.

Spoilers and the Synopsis

I detest spoilers. I can be reasonable in some circumstances but mostly they irritate me. When it comes to the synopsis on the back of the book I am VERY picky. If it’s not something that is made known in the first chapter or two of the book it shouldn’t be in the synopsis. I like to be surprised when I read books.

Alex Morel SurviveRecently I’ve seen a couple of reviews for Survive by Alex Morel so I hopped over to Goodreads to check it out. I looked at the rating, number of reviews, then I read the synopsis. Then I freaked out.

There is a MAJOR SPOILER in the synopsis. We are talking Category 5, F5, 10.5 big. This is so aggravating.  Why would you do that? I wanted to read Survive (Hatchet + Lost = good idea), but now I don’t know. Can I get past the spoiler? If I can, will it be worth it?

What are your thoughts on book synopsis’?


16 Responses to “Random Thoughts on Books: Spoiler & Synopsis”

  1. Bittner

    Oh geez! Just wait until Andrea reads this post! She is nuts over spoilers!

    Personally, they don’t bother me. I am the type of person who likes to read the last sentence or paragraph of a book. Not to find out how the story ends, but to find out what tone the book ends on. Because of this I have made my peace with spoilers and don’t mind them at all.

    However, I will say that when it comes to a book that is special to me. I wont. For example, Every Day by David Levithan. I’ve had the ARC for a while, I know Steph reviewed it a few weeks back, but I will not read a single review of this one. I don’t want to know anything. I love Levithan so much, that I want to go into this book with absolutely no preconceived ideas.

  2. Christina

    Oh snap! This is why I usually avoid synopses unless I legit am not sure if the book sounds like my kind of thing. I really don’t know why pubs do that. Sometimes I’m preparing to write my review and I’m like ‘well, I can’t talk about this part,’ but then I look in the synopsis and THERE IT IS. Who writes those things? Do they not go to the author for approval?

  3. Christina

    Also, you should know that I was SERIOUSLY tempted to go read the synopsis, even though I’m planning to read this soon. Why self, why?

  4. fakesteph

    YEEEEEEEEEES. Triangles did this and it PISSED ME OFF. I kept sitting there like… when is this going to happen. 9 times out of 10, when this happens, it is because there is nothing happening in the beginning of the book. WTF.

  5. Kate@Midnight Book Girl

    Can I be honest? I have never read Hatchet. The book and its cover is burned in my memory because it was always, always, always on display in any school library that I attended. I hate that freaking cover, which has given me an unnatural hate for the book, which is now, sadly, tainting survive for me. Although, if one of them doesn’t have to eat the other one then what’s in it for me? ;)

  6. Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase

    Aaaaaah! I really wish I had somehow known you were going to read this synopsis BEFORE you read it, because I KNEW ABOUT THE SPOILER!!! I’m so sorry that I’ve failed you.

    My Blind Reads post was inspired by many things but the even that sparked it into being was Jen Ryland’s review of Survive, and she warned people in her review that the book’s synopsis had a spoiler in it. Luckily, even though Jen doesn’t mind spoilers, she doesn’t ever include them in her reviews and she always writes her own synopsis for the book. So that was what gave me the idea for Blind Reads.

    Now I have to remember to check the synopsis when I post a review because I don’t want to accidentally spoil someone since I don’t write my own synopses and I don’t include spoilers!

    And I, like Christina, strangely had this urge to go read the synopsis. But I’ve refrained. I won’t be happy with myself if I do read it! Actually, I think I have read it because I’ve had this book on my TBR list for a while, so I probably did read the synopsis at one point. But sometimes I read like the first sentence and know that I want to read it so I don’t even read any more of the synopsis.

    Okay, now that I’ve written a novella… ;) I like your new idea for a feature! And Hatchet is a great book–I’d like to reread that someday!

    • Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books

      Someone had it in a WOW or IMM and I clicked on the link to go to goodreads and then it was just “bam!” Spoiler! And it really sucks because it sounds like the thing doesn’t happen till the middle/end of the book. And seriously Andrea, it’s super big.

      Same here, I will be actually reading all the summaries before posting them with my review because I would hate to have a spoiler in it and just not realize.

      If I wouldn’t have had the problem I probably would have wanted to look it up too. Human nature!

  7. Jenny

    Oh man! Sorry they ruined it for you. I hate synopses that tell the whole dang story line. I actually obsess over the synopsis, though. If I start reading a book and can’t remember what it’s about I do NOT like being surprised too much. I have to go back and read it again so I have a basic outline. It’s weird but true. :(

  8. Alexia561

    Am totally against spoilers, and it drives me crazy when they’re included in the synopsis! I don’t even like it when they include a spoiler from a previous book in the series. What if I haven’t read that one yet? I don’t include spoilers in my reviews, but once had a synopsis with a spoiler so I included a warning. Just don’t understand publishers who do this…. :(

    • Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books

      I don’t get it either! I agree about series books too, a small spoiler here or there in a future series book I can overlook, but not big ones at all. There has to be a way to share a summary without including spoilers.