Review * The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

August 9, 2012 Reviews 10 ★★★★

Review * The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth PhillipsThe Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Series: Wynette Texas #7
Published by William Morrow on July 10, 2012
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 448
Format: eBook
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Where do you run to when your life has fallen apart?

Lucy Jorik is a champ at never embarrassing the family she adores—not surprising since her mother is one of the most famous women in the world. But now Lucy has done just that. And on her wedding day, no less, to the most perfect man she's ever known.

Instead of saying "I do" to Mr. Irresistible, Lucy flees the church in an ill-fitting blue choir robe and hitches a ride on the back of a beat-up motorcycle plastered with offensive bumper stickers. She's flying into the unknown with a rough-looking, bad-tempered stranger who couldn't be more foreign to her privileged existence.

While the world searches for her, Lucy must search for herself, and she quickly realizes that her customary good manners are no defense against a man who's raised rudeness to an art form. Lucy needs to toughen up—and fast.

Her great escape takes her to his rambling beach house on a Great Lakes island. Here, she hopes to find a new direction . . . and unlock the secrets of this man who knows so much about her but reveals nothing about himself. As the hot summer days unfold amid scented breezes and sudden storms, she'll also encounter a beautiful, troubled beekeeper; a frightened young boy; a modern-day evil queen; and a passion that could change her life forever.

In this dazzling follow-up to her New York Times bestseller Call Me Irresistible, Susan Elizabeth Phillips tells the funny, touching, enchanting story of a young woman searching for her destiny . . . and of a damaged man who doesn't believe in second chances.

What I Thought…

  • I have been a fan of Susan Elizabeth Phillips for a long time.  I think there is only one book she’s written that I didn’t really care for, but other than that, they’ve all been hits for me, and I’m happy to say that The Great Escape followed the trend and did not disappoint.
  • The novel starts with Lucy running away from her wedding (which was one of the funniest scenes in the previous novel Call Me Irresistible), and taking off with a guy she doesn’t even know, and refusing to deal with the situation at hand.
  • The Great Escape happens at the same time as Call Me Irresistible, but as always with SEP books, you don’t have to read any of the others in the series to enjoy this one.
  • At first glance Lucy (the president’s daughter) doesn’t seem like she’d be capable of doing that much but she’s got a good strong backbone and she really cares, and is determined not go back to her parent’s estate in Virginia.  Despite the fact that she is the president’s daughter, and obviously very rich it was easy to identify her.
  • Patrick (In the book he is called by his nick name Panda almost all the time – and I do not like that nick name so I am refusing to acknowledge it’s existence) was rude and surly, though it turns out (of course!) that he’s actually a decent guy (and you can totally see the niceness peaking out from the rudeness).
  • Even though they had their moments I really felt like Lucy and Patrick were good together, and it didn’t feel forced.  One of my favorite things about SEP’s writing is that her relationships feel “real”, even though their situations aren’t normal.
  • There is a whole lot of fun going on in The Great Escape.  Lucy is on a destination unknown road trip and even when her ride (Patrick) says it’s time to stop, she decided she hasn’t had enough and keeps right on going and settles in a place that Patrick is none to happy about.
  • As with a typical SEP book the secondary characters are a little quirky, but that’s what makes them so much fun!

Overall it’s another cute, fun read from Susan Elizabeth Phillips!


10 Responses to “Review * The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips”

  1. Jennifer

    I am a huge SEP fan, but I wasn’t sure about this one…mostly because of that horrid hero name (Panda? Blech!). Your review is making me want to try it now though it may be a library read since she’s moved to hardcover now. Thanks for a great review!

  2. Jenny

    Characters and their relationships really do make the book. I haven’t read anything by SEP but I should.

  3. Kate@Midnight Book Girl

    This does sound like a cute book, and sometimes I just want a quirky romance! Might have to give SEP a chance. With you on the nickname Panda, but since Patrick is the name of one of my brothers, I’d probably prefer Panda. ;)