Sundays in Bed With… Monument 14

August 5, 2012 In Bed With... 10

Sunday’s in Bed is hosted by Kate at Midnight Book Girl to share with everyone what you’re reading in bed Sunday morning before getting to the days activities.

This is the first week all year, excluding the week of BEA that I didn’t finish a single book. Not a one. But it’s not my fault! The Olympics are occupying a good majority of my time.  Next week should be more normal though because two of my favorite events (swimming and gymnastics) will be over.

I’m a little over half way through The Wishing Spell.  Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it today  Then I’ll be moving on to Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne.

Emmy Laybourne Monument 14

I’m really looking forward to finally starting Monument 14.  I am completely fascinated with natural disasters (please note that I don’t enjoy the devastating after effects, I just enjoy learning about the phenomenon).  I love pretty much all natural disaster movies (even the really bad made for TV ones) so this book should be a hit.

What are you reading today?


10 Responses to “Sundays in Bed With… Monument 14”

  1. Bittner

    I’m so far behind on Wishing Spell! I’m going to try to get to half way through today and then finish it on my days off Tuesday and Wednesday.
    I love natural disaster movies too! But the only natural disaster type book I read was Night of the Twisters by Ivy Ruckman in like the sixth grade! If you like this one, maybe I’ll give it a try. Or you can recommend another one to me if you want to.

    • Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books

      I have not read Night of the Twisters but I will be checking it out. I don’t know many natural disaster books, but I do have a volcano book that I’m excited to read so I’ll let you know how that one is!

  2. fakesteph

    I’m the same way!!! My brother was home and I’ve been hanging out with him and barely reading at all.