Top Ten Tuesday: Confessions

August 28, 2012 Meme, Top Ten Tuesday 21

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and Bookish.

Top Ten Bookish Confessions (Anything! You dog ear, you hated a book but said you loved it, you have $500 library fines…anything goes!)

1. I don’t like to use the library.  I have nothing against them personally, but I really, really like to own my books.  

2. I’m a little bit OCD about my books (ok, about everything).  They must be alphabetized by author.  Mass market paperbacks must be separate from hardcovers/trade paperbacks because of the size difference.  I recently took a big leap and separated my books into YA and Adult and combined trade paperback and hardcover.  I’m still not sure I like it, but it’s giving me the most space on my shelf so I’ll probably leave it.

3. I didn’t like Pride and Prejudice.  Loved the movie though (the Kiera Knightly one, not the BBC one).

4. I’m never going to read Pure by Julianna Baggott.  I’m sure it’s a great and wonderful book, but the whole being fused thing really creeps me out.

5. I’ve “stolen” or “lost” a couple of books.  My seventh grade math book – I had to pay for, and found a couple years later, but they wouldn’t give me my money back for returning the book, so I kept it.  As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner (which is a really bad book) – I forgot mine at home, borrowed one of the school copies and I ended up taking it home.  A Case of Need by Michael Crichton – I borrowed this from a friend and then we were no longer friends and I felt awkward and angry so I didn’t want to return the book.  Then it came to the point that it was way to late to reasonably return the book so I still have it.  I feel guilty about this one.

6. I prefer hardcover over paperback.  Even though it costs more, if I can buy the hardcover, I will. 

7. I cannot read out loud.  It’s just embarrassing.  I read way to fast and the words just jumble all together.  I hated when they made us do this in school. 

8. I don’t proofread.  Ever.  This isn’t about books, but it’s about book blogging so I’m tossing it in here. I can’t stand proofreading, and you may have noticed this. I didn’t proofread any of my papers in school (my mom did that cause she’s awesome), and writing a blog post is no different. I know that I should proofread, but I don’t.  I know it only takes a few minutes, but I don’t do it.

9. All my books in a series need to be the same type.  No exceptions.  I can’t stand not having matching books.  They need to be all the same cover style too.  I have replaced books before just so they match.

10. If I REALLY like a book I must have a hard copy.  If I buy an ebook and fall in love with it I will buy a hard copy.  Occasionally I will buy an ebook copy of a book I really love, but that doesn’t happen as often. 


21 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Confessions”

  1. ....Petty Witter

    That’s some confessions you make. Though I buy quite a lot of ex-library stock from or library I don’t support it as much as I should. As for Pride And Prejudice – its not a book I like either but then if I’m being totally honest I’m not a great fan of most of the so-called classics.

  2. Jenny

    Oh, these confessions are amusing me today. I wonder how many people will ream you for not liking P&P? ;) Not me, but I am a bit shocked over which movie you liked better.

  3. Bittner

    My obsessive proof reading is one of the main reasons why it takes so long for me to write posts. Even after I’ve read them a couple of times over I still half to read them out loud to make sure the sound and rhythm are perfect. And I end up reading over them again after I post them and I get really mad at myself it I catch mistakes and will go back to edit them!

  4. Shannon (Giraffe Days)

    Your list made me smile – look: :)

    I can definitely sympathise with some of these! I don’t borrow books anymore because I hate returning them – even if a book sucked, I want to keep it, own it.

    I prefer paperbacks over hardbacks, with the exception of picture books and things like large illustrated editions of Alice in Wonderland and nursery rhymes, they’re always better in hardback.

    Re: #9 – you would hate being an Obernewtyn Chronicles fan, then: for a while there, every time a new book came out (and we’re talking about five years between books! A hellish long wait), they’d release it with a new cover design, new artist, everything. They would go back and re-release the old ones in the new design, but when you’ve already got copies…! It’s okay to start reading them now, though, because they’ve finally settled on a cover design and stuck with it!

    My TTT

    And I thought they did a great job with the movie of P&P – you really don’t have time to sit through a long series to get to the juicy parts! Plus I love what they did with the first proposal scene, oh the tension!!

  5. Christina

    If I had enough money to buy every book I was interested in, I wouldn’t like the library either. As is, I rely on it.

    I sort them all by author, regardless of size or genre. What do you do about the non-standard sized books? Like Stormdancer or some MG stuff like Magyk?

    P&P! *weeps* God, the Keira Knightley one was awful.

    I was sort of meh on Pure, and the cool part was the fusing, so probs best that you don’t.

    I’VE DONE THAT! I lost a book like for reals from my high school library, but I worked in the library, so I entered in the system that I returned it. I’m still ashamed! Also, I totally called and told the library a few weeks ago that they’d messed up and not marked a book returned, but then I found it. OOPS. BUT I did return it then.

    I don’t proofread my blog posts much either. I usually do for blog tour posts, but that’s about it.

    What if they don’t re-release the first cover and it doesn’t match the others?

    • Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books

      I try to be (fairly) selective with books, but there is always the possiblity that books could put me in debt.

      Non-standard book sizes drive me nuts. I have a stack of my old yearbooks and a couple books that size, if it doesn’t fit in that stack either than I would probably hide it.

      If they don’t re-release the first cover (which often happens with the hardcover) I just have to deal with it, but I DON’T LIKE IT! It’s just not right!

  6. Jen Ryland/YA Romantics

    Yep. Total OCD here. My ARCs are ordered by release date. My spices are alphabetized. People open my closets and laugh.

    I love the library for books I’m not sure about. Then I can read a chapter or two, say, “Meh, not for me,” and hand it back. Love that!

    I prefer paperback cause I carry books around and they don’t weigh so much.

    I’m also horrible at reading aloud. I read really fast, so reading aloud seems to be in slooow moootion. I think I’ll scream. My poor kids. I did my best.

  7. Alexia561

    Love your confessions! I used to use my library all the time, but wound up buying so many of the books anyway because I wanted my own copy. And I need to have my series match as well, all paperback, trade, or hardcover. Not as big on the covers matching so long as the size matches. I have my hardcovers and paperbacks separated, and they’re alphabetical by author. Nice to know I’m not the only fanatic out there! :)

  8. Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase

    I love to own books, too, but recently I’ve really started to realize how great my library is. It basically has every book out that I want to read, and I’m not sure why I need to buy every book that I want to read when I can get them there for free, and then buy them if I love them. So I’m going to try to use my library more. Although, I already own way too many books that I haven’t read so I need to read those too…

    And yeah, Pure was pretty creepy. It didn’t give me nightmares or anything, but I’m not sure I’d want to see a movie version. So I totally understand why you wouldn’t want to read it! (But I did enjoy it.)

    And I proofread too much, probably. It all has to do with my OCD/Grammar Nazi personality. ;)