Carrie Read-a-long Discussion–Parts II and III

September 30, 2012 Read-a-long 4

I was forced talked into doing the Carrie Read-a-long, even though I’m not a fan of being terrified. I’m pleased to say that I am not finding Carrie to be terrifying. Here are the answers to part two and three. If you haven’t read Carrie, there will be spoilers so, you have been warned.

Part II

1. There is a part quoted form “My Name is Susan Snell” when she stated that she is not really sorry that Tommy is dead anymore, because the idea of him was too perfect.  I was kind of shocked by this.  What do you think of this?
I don’t think it’s that shocking. Being with someone who is “perfect” has got to be hard, and makes you feel like you’ll never measure up to their expectations. Without Tommy, Susan doesn’t have to feel the need to be “perfect.”

2. Miss Desjardin talked to Carrie about her own prom.  And for Carrie, the prom was magical up to a point.  Did you have any glamorized feelings about your own prom?
Nope.  It was just another dance.

3. When Sue was at home on prom night she said that she was still uncomfortable about her own motives and was afraid to examine them too closely in case she discovered selfishness.  Can you elaborate on this?
I think she was feeling that she didn’t really do it for Carrie’s benefit but for her own. She wanted to make it up to Carrie because that is what would make her feel better about her taking part in the locker room incident.

4. Do you think that Tommy could have fallen for Carrie?
Probably not. I can’t really picture this in my head at all. Personally I think Sue was a good match for him.

5. Tell me what you think of the significance or symbolism of blood.  (Tommy pricked his finger, Mrs. White cut herself, Sue either got her period late or lost a pregnancy.)
I don’t know, I’m not good at analyzing stuff! I read for fun!

6. If that prank had not been played on Carrie at the prom, what kind of life do you think she would have had?
I think once Carrie left high school and all the bullies (and her crazy mom!) she probably would have led a fairly normal life. Her special abilities probably still would have been present, but like they were in the beginning, just little things when she was angry. Though the chance of a different major incident occurring is still pretty big.

Bonus question: Did you catch the mistake Stephen King made with regards to Carrie’s dad?  Courtney from Abducted by Books did!  See below for the answer.
Nope, I didn’t catch it!

Part III

1. If you’ve seen the movie, how did the book compare?
I haven’t seen the movie in a very long time, and only the one time, but I remember the movie being scarier. And I think maybe the ending was a bit different?? I could easily be wrong about that though so don’t hold me to it.

2. Carrie: Victim or Villain?
Oooh, tough call. She’s a villain because she’s a victim so I guess I have to say victim. Her mom brainwashed/abused her pretty bad which led to the bullying which led to her going all out crazy. I think even if she didn’t have any special abilities I think she still would have gone of the deep end at prom and done a lot of damage.

3. If you had TK powers what would you do with them?
Hide. I’d be to afraid I’d hurt someone.

4. The Wreckage talks about the demise of the town.  I’ve noticed the theme of SK’s setting as a character in other works.  What are your thoughts on this?
I’ve only read 2 other books of his, but I can see a theme like that. Especially in Under the Dome.

5. Does anybody think they know what line from Bob Dylan was written in Carrie’s notebook?
I really can’t say because I don’t know enough (ok, anything really) about Bob Dylan’s works.

6. Finally, what are your final thoughts/review of Carrie by Stephen King?
I’m going to review Carrie for the Bloggers Dressed in Blood event in October so check back later!


4 Responses to “Carrie Read-a-long Discussion–Parts II and III”

  1. Kate Midnight Book Girl

    You crack me up!

    I agree, I liked Sue with Tommy, but unless she’d stayed pregnant, I don’t think they would have ended up together long term. I think Sue was destined for bigger things than staying in a small town and hanging out with the Chris and the others.

    I am looking forward to your review!

  2. Bittner

    I agree that I think Carrie would have been fine after highschool and getting away from her mother. I think she was really sheltered before all that and her powers would have helped her to build up the confidence and inner strength to make up for all those years of oppression.