Home Improvements (What I Did Last Weekend)

October 24, 2012 Misc 10

Last weekend my brother came for a short visit and since he is boring doesn’t like to sight see at all (he’s been to VA many times) we tackled a couple of home improvement projects.

Our first project was painting the shutters and the trim. I picked out a color at the store that I thought was similar, but it turns out it was much more blue than the original color. Which turned out good because I like this color better anyway.

photo 2

Then we tackled the railing on the front porch. Before I moved in I had noticed that on the one side some of the railing wasn’t connected, and has part of the home agreement the previous owners had to fix that. What I didn’t realize at the time was that what they had done (before they put the house on the marked) was paint over all the mold on the railing, so that it looked nice.


This is the first picture I took of my house. I know it’s a far away picture, but everything looks normal here. Over time I began to notice that the railing was getting worse and worse. Painting doesn’t stop mold, it just covers it up. I don’t really have the knowledge (or strength) to do much about it, so I’ve just kind of left it. After discussing it with my brother we decided to just take it down, it’s only 3 steps so it doesn’t really need a railing anyway. All it took was one kick from my brother and the entire left side of the railing came down. That’s how rotted it was.

photo 4

Here is the final look. The blue really brightens up the outside and no more rotted railing!


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