Just a quick note!

October 27, 2012 Misc 17



This is how I feel right about now!

Everything this month has been crazy and this coming week will be the craziest yet. And to top it all off Hurricane Sandy is looming down upon the Eastern Shore. The good news for me is that it appears that she will turn in around NJ/NY which means that we will not be taking a direct in VA. However we still will be having rain and high winds so we are still in the “likely power outage” category.

Anyways, all this means that I will hardly be around this coming week.  My best chance for commenting and reading other blogs this week will be at work, so if the hurricane passes by with little damage I will be able to return all the comments and catch up on visiting blogs. If there are impacts from the hurricane then work will likely be crazy and I will not be able to do anything blog related. And all of this is dependent on having power.

I promise that in November my commenting and visiting will be much better! While a lot of you other bloggers will be NaNoWriMo-ing in November I will be commenting, visiting, posting and catching up on this:


Eeek! Though it’s not at all surprising since I haven’t finished a book since the readathon…

To all those who are in the path of Hurricane Sandy stay safe! Be prepared! And if they tell you to evacuate, please do so! Do not be one of those crazy people who are staying “to protect their house” or because “it’s not gonna be bad.” You and your family are way more important than your house!


17 Responses to “Just a quick note!”

  1. Kate Midnight Book Girl

    I am kind of freaking out about this storm!!! Until yesterday I was one of the eye-rollers, but after reading my friend Becky’s post on how in 2004 they lost power for 2 weeks, I can’t help but be freaked out, mostly because of Mom and her oxygen machine needs.

  2. Cindy Smith

    We are suppose to get a bit of it here this weekend and upcoming week. Sucks cause it possibly could effect trick or treating Wednesday night as it suppose to rain all week :( Stay safe

  3. Marce

    Stay safe. Bermuda is getting a little affect but not on alert. Hope you don’t lose electricity.

  4. Rachel R.

    Yeah the storm came through my city on Friday and it was really nasty. It’s suppose to cause snow on the East Coast and I hope it doesn’t cause too much trouble for people. Best of luck!

  5. Jen Ryland/YA Romantics

    I feel the same — hope the storm isn’t too destructive and hope my flashlight batteries hold out so I can get some reading done. You’re so close to your GR goal! Go go go!!!

  6. Bittner

    I hope you stay safe and are able to get a lot of reading done during stormy weather because that is my favorite time to read!
    Don’t worry about your book count because you still have plenty of time!