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October 8, 2012 Mini Reviews 11

Sometimes you just don’t have much to say…

Meg Cabot Size 14

Size 14 is Not Fat Either
Meg Cabot
Heather Wells #2

Ok, I definitely should have taken better notes or wrote my review right away. All I can tell you is that I want to be BFF’s with Heather Wells and that I think EVERYONE should read these books. They are cute and funny and silly and yeah…

Read it! Read it NOW!


Diana Renn Tokyo HeistTokyo Heist
Diana Renn

This was a pretty average book for me. The story was just ok. The characters were just ok. I found the gazillion references to manga annoying (though I’m sure if you are a manga fan you will probably feel differently). Basically everything about Tokyo Heist was just… ok. I would recommend Ally Carter’s Heist Society books way before this one.



JD Robb Born in Death

Born in Death
JD Robb

I forgot how much I enjoyed these books. Roarke is so hot and Eve is a total badass. I enjoyed the mystery, even if at times it was a bit over the top. Since I know I’m reading fiction I can easily put that aside and just enjoy the ride.


11 Responses to “Mini Reviews”

  1. Kate Midnight Book Girl

    I still can’t believe I haven’t read the latest Heather Wells book, but I know once I do that I won’t have it to look forward to anymore, you know? And maybe I’ll have to read the first in the series for Rourke and Eve!

  2. fakesteph

    I’ve been staring at the first Heather Wells book. I might read it at the Readathon, but I have so many upcoming commitments that I might not be able to get to it.

  3. Bittner

    I have been horrible about keeping up with my reviews this year and there are so many I haven’t mentioned. I may have to pick out my favorites and do a bunch of mini reviews on my blog too!

  4. Jenny

    I need to read this Meg Cabot series. I’ve heard nothing but good things and I love Cabot’s work.

  5. Christina

    Haaha, that’s why I always write my reviews right away. :-p

    Love the Heather Wells series.

    I agree about Tokyo Heist. It was cute and meh. Nothing too special. I love manga, but I mostly felt like it would have been better in that format.