Random Thoughts on Books: Rereading

October 26, 2012 Random Thoughts on Books and Blogging 12

PhotobucketRandom Thoughts on Books is going to be my new Friday feature.  It sounds exactly like what you think it is – my random thoughts on anything book related.

To reread or not to reread – that is the question.

Since I’ve started blogging I reread a lot less than I used to. Which is both good and bad. Good because I’m reading lots more awesome books. Bad because when the second or third book in a series comes out I’ve not reread the first book before I jump right back in. This rarely works because I cannot remember all the details, sometimes I can’t even remember major plot points!

Not remember things can make a huge impact on the book. I’m not sure I would have loved Insurgent like I did if I would have reread Divergent first. The Evolution of Mara Dyer was released on Tuesday and the only thing I can remember about The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is that I loved it and it was creepy. Not really much to go on is it?

But then the worry sets in that I won’t have anything to review for my blog as most of these books I’ve already reviewed. But for me that’s not a good enough reason to not reread them so I will just have to accept that I will have less to post. Or I could steal Kate’s awesome idea and do a second look review. Which is probably what I’m going to do. You can’t have too much love for your favorite books, right?

Do you reread the earlier books in the series before starting the newest one? Or do you just wing it?


12 Responses to “Random Thoughts on Books: Rereading”

  1. Tanya Patrice

    I was never a big re-reader prior to blogging. Ironically, now that I’m blogging, I want to re-read some books that I loved so I can discuss them on the blog.

    Tanya Patrice

  2. fakesteph

    I like to reread books, but I haven’t had time lately. I’m *usually* pretty good about remembering what happened, though… not always. And I totally rereview my rereads.

  3. Annette

    I usually wing it. I find that I might be confused at first, but usually is all comes back quickly. But you should do what you want. Go ahead and post a review of the re-read. There still may be people interested in the original book too!

  4. Kate Midnight Book Girl

    Even when I remember the main plot, I have a lot of trouble with the minor characters- even in the two week period between Divergent and Insurgent I forgot some characters! I do like the idea of a second look- I might do that with Anna (which I did re-read because I was really afraid of confusing it with the second book and I didn’t want to spoil Girl of Nightmares).

  5. Bittner

    I worry about that sometimes. Like I plan on rereading the Lover’s Dictionary in February but I’ve already written about it twice on my blog so do I really need to review again??? But when it comes to your favorite books, how can you not reread them! They are like friends I begin to miss if I don’t reread them regularly!

  6. Christina

    I don’t reread as much either. In the two years I’ve been blogging, I just posted my first reread review last week, and I’ve always been a big rereader. It makes the catalog a little messy, but I like being able to see if opinions change. If you feel the same the second time, I wouldn’t rereview probably, but you might feel differently!