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November 12, 2012 Author Events 11


Last week I saw that the Get Real: Contemps on Tour, featuring Miranda Kenneally, Janet Gurtler and Lisa & Laura Roecker were coming to Arlington, VA, which is only like 2 hours away! I wish more authors would come to Richmond, but they don’t and since I loved Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker I desperately wanted to go. Kate from Midnight Book Girl was thankfully willing to head up there with me so I didn’t have to go by myself!

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I was so glad I went because we had an awesome time! One More Page Books was such a cute bookstore, and they were awesome hosts. All the authors were super nice (pictured above, Janet Gurtler, Miranda Kenneally, Lisa and Laura Roecker) and I was pretty pleased that I was able to actually have a conversation with all of them without sounding like a complete idiot (which happened a lot at BEA).

After the authors were introduced they talked a little bit about each of their new books and then turned it over to the audience for some Q & A. I was so glad there were other people there because I had no clue what to ask. One of the things discussed was Lisa and Laura’s writing style. Lisa (or Laura) will write the first chapter, then send it to Laura (or Lisa) who will then revise it, then write the second chapter and then send it back to be revised and to write the next chapter and so on and so on.

Miranda and Janet were asked if they would ever be willing to co-write with someone. Janet said she’d like to try it, Miranda said there was no way. Miranda co-edited Dear Teen Me, which was enough for her.

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I picked up 4 books at One More Page Books (I already owned both of Miranda Kenneally’s books). I also won an awesome Authors are Rock Stars T-Shirt (Love it!) and received some bookmarks (not pictured cause I was too lazy to take another pic when I realized I forgot them) and a first chapter preview of Things I Can’t Forget by Miranda Kenneally, How I Lost You by Janet Gurtler and I’m With Stupid by Geoff Herbach.

While Kate and I were having Janet Gurtler signing our books we were talking to her about our Canadian friends Cindy and Kellie, our roommates from BEA (Janet is Canadian). We were explaining to her how awesome our roommates were and how much we appreciated their Canadian Magic (seriously, it does exist!) I was super excited to see this in my book when I got home:

photo (2)

I brought my copies of Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker with me to the signing, and Stealing Parker still had all my post it’s in it. As we were getting reading to leave Miranda asked me to pull my book back out to show her husband all my note taking.

photo 4

I had such a great time and can’t wait to read Janet Gurtler and Lisa & Laura Roekers books. I recommend that you pop on over to Kate’s post about the event cause her post about the event is awesome!


11 Responses to “Get Real: Contemps on Tour”

  1. Bittner

    This year was the first time I’ve had the chance to go to book signings and now I’m hooked! They are so fun and even funner when you have awesome book nerds for friends who will go with you! I’m so glad you had such a great time!

  2. Kate Midnight Book Girl

    I love that Janet mentioned Canadian magic in your copy! Also, I still think it’s awesome that Miranda Kennealy wanted to show her husband your notes! And maybe some of that Canadian magic rubbed off on you? After all we had hardly any traffic on the way to and home, I didn’t have a panic attack, we found a perfect parking space, the chicken was chicken and not catfish, you won a t-shirt AND you held intelligent conversations with real life authors!