Random Thoughts on Books: Where Are All the Standalones?

November 30, 2012 Random Thoughts on Books and Blogging 13

PhotobucketRandom Thoughts on Books is going to be my new Friday feature.  It sounds exactly like what you think it is – my random thoughts on anything book related.

Where are the standalone books?

I was starting to prepare my end of the year stats and found something quite alarming on my fabulous spreadsheet: two thirds of the books I’ve read this year have been series book. Two thirds!!! And when I look at my unread book shelf it looks like a 50/50 ratio, but when I think about the few books I’ve allowed myself to pre-order, all but one are part of a series.

I like series a lot (obviously). I like series that have the same characters in every book,  I like seeing those characters grown and change. I like series that have different main characters in every book but follow the same plot line. But at the same time, I also like conclusive endings to stories. I don’t always want to wait a year (sometimes more) to find out what happens next.

Now that I know I’m reading a lot of series books I will make more of an effort in 2013 to pick up more standalones. They need my love too!


13 Responses to “Random Thoughts on Books: Where Are All the Standalones?”

  1. fakesteph

    Are you counting companion books as a series? Because I think they go in the standalone category. They are a way to build an audience for standalone books, by writing them in the same world and having some overlapping characters, but I don’t consider them series… just curious. And I love series too!

  2. Tanya Patrice

    I feel ya! I just did a post on the 10 Most Anticipated Books For 2013 {The Non-Series Edition}. I like series as much as the next guy, but waiting a year between books in a series can be hard.

  3. Christina

    Bahaha, I have this same difficulty. Of course, about half the time I fall in love with a standalone, I wish there were a sequel. :) And a lot of bad series would have been better as one book. Conundrums!

  4. Jen Ryland/YA Romantics

    I’m with you!!!! Too many series. Too much to remember. Too many books that are stretched out so that not enough happens in 400 pages so that they can be part of a series.

    But I agree with Steph that I don’t consider companion books as series.Love them! More of them, please!!

  5. Jenny

    I’m discovering that contemporary books are more likely to be stand-a-lone than paranormal/supernatural romance books. I can’t believe how many series there are, though. It kind of frustrates me and, yet, there’s books I love so much I’m glad they keep going on beyond one book.

  6. Bittner

    I am all about the standalones! I agree that a good series from time to time is great, but I would rather read a standalone any day of the week.

  7. Roberta R.

    Apparently, too many publishers want to cash on books like crazy these days, so that’s why we hardly see a standalone. I’m all up for standalones in many cases, because there are stories that don’t need to be dragged on for the sake of it…while of course there are complex stories that need to be told that way. But they’re not the majority, for goodness sake.
    I tend to buy a complete series when it’s out, rather than buying a book at a time. (When I’m convinced I’ll love said series, that is). Having to wait is so frustrating. But I do make some exceptions of course.