Book Blogger Confessions: Changing Reading Habits

February 18, 2013 Book Blogger Confessions 20

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Question: How has blogging and reviewing changed your reading habits? Do you read a genre now that you wouldn’t have tried prior? Or have you been turned off by a genre you used to love?

Blogging has definitely changed my reading habits, and that’s a good thing. Blogging brought me back to YA. I went through my YA phase around the end of elementary school and middle school years and then I moved on to adult books and never looked back, except of course for Harry Potter. Little did I know that YA books started to actually become really well written and enjoyable and I’m so glad that blogging brought me that.

Prior to book blogging I completely stayed away from anything even remotely sci-fi. Now I realize that I kind of do like sci-fi. I don’t like all aspects of sci-fi, but it’s no longer an automatic dismissal anymore.

I don’t want to say that I’m turned off by it anymore, but I find that since starting blogging I am much more picky about the chick lit books that I read. Chick lit is my go to genre and has always been my favorite but now that I’ve read so many great books from other genres a lot of the chick lit books don’t work for me like they used to.

One other thing that blogging has impacted is how much better I am at picking out books I know I’ll like. Though there have been some mis-picks *coughs* Beautiful Disaster *coughs* overall I’ve found that very rarely do I ever pick up a book that’s less than 3 stars anymore.


20 Responses to “Book Blogger Confessions: Changing Reading Habits”

  1. Kate Midnight Book Girl

    My book world was big to begin with, but now it feels infinite. Part of me misses the day where I just found an author I liked and read every damn book by them… but that led to a lot of unsatisfying reading. I think I’ve become a better reader, and I’ve certainly read better books, since becoming a blogger!

  2. Lauren

    I used to stay away from Sci-fi as well !! I’m not into the super intense Sci-fi but I don’t pass it up automatically either. I’m also picky about chick lit now as well, and I used to read ANYTHING that was chick lit, lol.

    I’m glad there is someone else out there who normally doesn’t read 3 stars anymore. I often(and BF likes to comment about) feel that people will think I’m just flinging out 4 or 5 stars at will but in fact I hardly ever pick out books I don’t like anymore. I have so many on the TBR if I don’t think it will interest me, I don’t pick it up… and more often than not it works out for me!

    Thanks for sharing Kimberly, we have a lot in common with our reading habits it seems :)

    Lauren @ Lose Time Reading

  3. Karen

    The same thing happened to me with sci-fi. I would NEVER have read that genre before. It’s still not my favorite but I’ve found a lot of enjoyable books in genres that I would have turned my nose up at before.

  4. Jenny

    Sigh! I wish I knew how to pick out books I’ll like. I’m no good at it because I just never know. Books often surprise me for good and bad so I just have to keep trying.

  5. Roberta R.

    “One other thing that blogging has impacted is how much better I am at picking out books I know I’ll like…overall I’ve found that very rarely do I ever pick up a book that’s less than 3 stars anymore.”
    That has happened to me too, lately. I used to be much more impulsive in my purchases…hence a couple of mis-picks or three for me too. Being part of the blogging community did help – same goes for being a Goodreads member.

    Link to my BBC post.
    P.S.: new follower :).

  6. Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase

    Yes, it seems like I’m much better at picking out books that I know I’ll enjoy as well! I’ve only written 1 DNF review, and only given 2 books a 2-star rating and only 5 books a 3-star rating! That’s pretty good, I think!