Book Blogger Confessions: Blog Design

March 18, 2013 Book Blogger Confessions 28

Book Blogger Confessions is hosted by For What It’s Worth and Midnyte Reader. On the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month they will pose a question for book bloggers to answer and discuss.

March 18th – What is important in design for the blogs you follow? What features/elements do you appreciate? What are big turn offs?

In terms of blog design the most important thing for me is readability. If I can’t read your blog, then I probably won’t be back. I’m not a huge fan of dark back grounds, but if you are going to use one the font needs to be a bright color. Dark fonts on dark backgrounds don’t work. No fancy fonts in the post! I love fancy fonts in your header/title post/side bar/etc but not in your post. Your post should be one of the standard fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. It should also be of normal reading size (size 10-14), anything smaller and I can’t read it, anything bigger and it drives me nuts. I also have a thing against massive headers. Your header should not take up the entire screen. I also dislike falling snow and the moving twitter bird. They are very distracting when I’m trying to read. And of course I hate CAPTCHA.

I know that seems like a lot of stuff I don’t like, but I don’t come across that stuff very often!

There are lots of things I like too! I’m attracted to pretty blog designs, but I have nothing against blogger templates. I like when people have a search bar. I like being able to see the personality of the blogger through their blog (not just design, but also through their posts). Honestly regardless of what your design looks like if I can read it and I like your content I will read your blog.


28 Responses to “Book Blogger Confessions: Blog Design”

  1. Roberta R.

    CAPTCHA…A.K.A. headache. LOL. I turned them down almost immediately, because let’s face it, they’re annoying. After all, one can always moderate comments instead.
    Readability is indeed crucial, as is personality. I’m in love with fancy fonts, but like you said, their proper place is not in the post body. If one doesn’t like the plain, standard fonts, there are sites like Google Web Fonts, offering a great choice of cute, readable ones too, along with the fun stuff. And it’s relatively easy to incorporate them into one’s blog. I found my Averia Sans Libre post font there.
    Not sure if I’ve said this before, but your page is a good example of a neat and well-organized blog :).

  2. ....Petty Witter

    My thoughts exactly even though I am guilty of using word verification due to the amount of spam I was getting. Yes, I know you can choose to moderate comments but to be honest I think this equally annoying. Anyway, great thought provoking post, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Annette

    Yes, I’ve noticed that header thing lately. I should be able to see the beginning of your post without scrolling. I do find that somewhat annoying, when all you see is a full page header when you visit a site. I would think you would want visitors to see some content to entice them to stay!

  4. Karen

    Readability and easy navigation have to be two of the most important things in blog design. You shouldn’t have to work too hard just to read a post.
    And boo to captcha!

  5. Aman

    You said some great points. The only thing I would add is too much or any gif images in the review. I want to know your thoughts on a book and how you felt about it, but not in form of videos.
    Great post!

  6. Midnyte Reader

    Yes, if the font is too big or too small it’s hard to read. And it’s not too difficult to make it readable too. I don’t think your reading blog requests are too many either. They are like the foundations of blogging.

  7. Lauren

    The falling snow is visually appealing to me… but our right WAY to distracting. There is also this new “worm” plugin/app that will take you back to the top, but it moves up and down when you scroll.. I can not FOCUS when I see that one… it’s sooo distracting haha. (Very cute though). Captcha is evil. Nuff said :P

  8. Christina

    The falling snow is SO annoying. It’s super lame. Like, that was cool in the late 90s when it was innovative, but just no. Also, I HATE huge font.

  9. Kelly

    I am trying to be much less critical of blog designs, because they are definitely a personal choice, but readability is a MUST. If I can’t read your blog, for many of the reasons you listed, then it kind of defeats the purpose lol

    Ugh, and captcha is evil. That is all.

  10. Jenny

    I really want to kill captcha too! It’s funny the things that will drive a person away from a blog.

  11. Jen Ryland/YA Romantics

    I hate captcha but spam has been out of control lately. I finally had to shut down anonymous comments, figuring that people would rather have to comment under an account that do captcha.

    And I agree with the falling snow. I don’t usually have motion sickness issues, but it makes me queasy to read when that snow is falling.

  12. handiangel

    I think readability is pretty much my number one requirement. If I find it difficult to read your content, regardless of how witty, well-written etc. etc. it is, I’m not going to stick around.

    Also, any animations in the side bar, or generally outside the main post, that are constantly distracting me from the post itself is not only counter-productive but annoying.