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March 29, 2013 Feature and Follow, Meme 19

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Q: Tell us about the most emotional scene you’ve ever read in a book – and how did you react?
Sometimes I cry at the most ridiculous things, but here are a few books that made me cry that were NOT ridiculous.
Before I Fall
There was a lot of crying in this one. There were some tears throughout the book, but the ending made me bawl like a baby.
The Fault in Our StarsIf you’ve read it, then you know. It’s impossible to get through this one without a box of Kleenex!

There are going to be spoilers for the next two books! Reader beware!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7)Obviously Harry Potter is a given. I cried lots in books 5, 6 and 7, but the death that really did me in was Fred’s. I was SO UPSET over Fred’s death. I loved the Weasley twins so much and to kill one of them off hurt, and then she had to go and kill the one with two normal ears!
Odd Thomas (Odd Thomas, #1)
I was just reading, minding my own business and then BAM! At the end of the book Koontz kills off Odd’s girlfriend Stormy and that really pissed me off. I actually threw my book I was so upset. This led to lots and lots of crying because I liked her and she was good for Odd and now she’s gone.


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  1. Leah Woods

    Awww, Before I Fall I NEED to read having read some of Lauren Oliver’s work. She’s brilliant.
    Old follower

    My FF

  2. astichoquette

    I agree with you on TFIOS, and HP was the one I chose to do mine own (just for a different death – though there were PLENTY to choose from)! I still need read t read Before I Fall, and if it can make me emotional while reading it like it did you, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it (in an odd sort of way?).

    Old follower via BlogLovin :)

  3. Christina

    “I loved the Weasley twins so much and to kill one of them off hurt, and then she had to go and kill the one with two normal ears!”

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m laughing so hard because I had that EXACT reaction. And Fred was my favorite twin too. :(

    I don’t think anything made me yell and cry and throw a book like Sirius’ death. Oh, I also cried a lot for Hedwig, because animal death.

  4. Annette

    I just posted on Midnight Book Girl’s site that I didn’t remember the end of Odd Thomas…I read it so long ago. Now I remember. It was sad…

    Dobby got me in Harry Potter too…

    My FF

  5. Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

    Oh…Fred! I bawled when that happened. And, of course, The Fault in Our Stars…made me an emotional wreck for an entire day. I still need to read Before I Fall, but I’ve heard that is a tearjerker. Thanks for visiting my FF! Old follower.

  6. Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase

    I am not a huge cryer (although I’ve gotten more mushy after becoming a parent), and I didn’t cry at TFIOS or any of the Harry Potter books. (I know, my husband claims that I can’t possibly have a heart.) But the most emotional scene for me would have to be Chapter 33 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. SPOILER ALERT! I was so happy reading that chapter because you find out that Snape is good (which I swore all along!) but I was so pissed because you’re told that Harry has to die. I was an emotional wreck while reading that chapter!
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