Audio Review * Shadowland by Meg Cabot

June 27, 2013 Reviews 4 ★★★

Audio Review * Shadowland by Meg CabotShadowland by Meg Cabot
Series: The Mediator #1
Published by HarperTeen on November 1, 2000
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult
Pages: 287
Format: Audiobook
Source: Purchased
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Suze is a mediator -- a liaison between the living and the dead. In other words, she sees dead people. And they won't leave her alone until she helps them resolve their unfinished business with the living. But Jesse, the hot ghost haunting her bedroom, doesn't seem to need her help. Which is a relief, because Suze has just moved to sunny California and plans to start fresh, with trips to the mall instead of the cemetery, and surfing instead of spectral visitations.

But the very first day at her new school, Suze realizes it's not that easy. There's a ghost with revenge on her mind ... and Suze happens to be in the way.

Shadowland was recommended to me by Christina at A Reader of Fictions. If you would like to recommend me a book you can read all about it here or fill out the form at the end of the review!

What I Thought…

  • I freaking love Meg Cabot’s books. They are quirky and funny and (knock on wood) have yet to disappoint.
  • I listened to the audiobook, narrated by Johanna Parker. The narration was good and I definitely fit the main character. I am totally bummed that my library doesn’t have the second book, Ninth Key, in audio. Actually they don’t seem to have a copy of the Ninth Key at all, in any form :(
  • Suze is my kind of girl. Not only is she quirky and fun but she doesn’t back down (though she did put herself in harms way a few times). I also love the she nicknamed her stepbrothers Dopey, Sleepy and Doc. Suze doesn’t really want to be a mediator, but since that’s the way things are going she begins to roll with it (not that she’s given many options because the ghost does want to kill her and other people).
  • Suze’s job as a mediator is to help ghosts move on. Upon her arrival in California she comes across a very angry ghost, Heather, who is still very pissed at her ex-boyfriend and has decided he should join her. Suze, of course, does not agree. She also finds a ghost in her room, Jesse, who is kind of cute and it definitely freaks her out that he’s in her room. Fortunately Jesse is not an angry ghost like Heather so Suze doesn’t have to worry about him hurting her, but she definitely wants to help him.
  • Father Dominic is also a mediator and is trying to guide Suze in her work. I say trying because Suze is pretty strong willed and will do what she thinks is necessary, even if that might turn out bad for her.
  • Suze’s mom and step dad don’t play a huge roll in the book, but they are there, and they are normal parents, which I appreciate.
  • The only thing I felt that was missing in the book was more background on Heather. I know how she died and a reason why but it seems like there should have been more to her death then what happened. Not a huge thing though.
  • Shadowland was everything I expected from Meg Cabot and definitely a book I would recommend to anyone who wants a cute, fun, ghosty read with no horror involved!

Notable Quotes

“I’m sorry, Heather, but everything was not just fine before I got here. You know how I know that? Because you’re dead. Okay? You are dead. Dead people don’t have lockers, or best friends, or boyfriends. You know why? Because they’re dead.”


4 Responses to “Audio Review * Shadowland by Meg Cabot”

  1. Jessica@a GREAT read

    Ooh nice!! I LOVE this series! Read it sooo many years ago when these first 4 books were written under her pen name Jenny Carroll, so I have some old school covers there! The series as a whole was fabulous!

    And now the word on the web is that Meg is going to write a book 7 eventually!

  2. Jen @ Pop! Goes The Reader

    Meg Cabot’s work often reminds me of Sophie Kinsella’s in that it’s relatively light, fun, and ordinarily reliable.

    I’ve heard wonderful things about this series over the years and am intrigued by the rather unusual premise. I love the idea of the protagonist acting as a mediator between the living and the dead. That said, I often find Cabot’s work for the young adult genre can skew a little younger. Did you find that at all with Shadowland?

    Either way, this was a really helpful review that laid out precisely what did and didn’t work for you :) I had never considered reading this particular series before but my interest has now definitely been piqued.
    Jen @ Pop! Goes The Reader recently posted…Review: Going Vintage by Lindsey LeavittMy Profile

  3. Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

    Awww, so glad you enjoyed this one. Meg Cabot delivers on the fun almost all the time. I’m not sure if I could still five star these when I reread them, so I’m a bit scared to. Haha. But I LOVED them to pieces when I was a teen.

    I forgot about her stepbrothers nicknames. Teehee, that’s great.
    Christina (A Reader of Fictions) recently posted…Review: Zits: ChillaxMy Profile