Revisting Bookish Goals 2013 – Mid Year Update

June 29, 2013 Bookish Goals 3

January 8 Top Ten Tuesday topic was Bookish Goals. Six months of the year have already passed so I thought I would revisit my goals and see where I stand.

1. Have Fun

I’m still having fun so this is all good, but I’m definitely not commenting as much. I’ve been distracted lately and I need to get my groove back.

2. Read more adult books

At the first quarter mark 86% of the books I’ve read were YA. I’m hoping to strive for a more 50/50 type balance but I recognize that that probably is never going to happen because time wise I can read 2 YA books to 1 Adult book. However I’m happy to say that at the mid year mark I’m down to 70% YA, 30% Adult so that’s a win.

3. Read all the book club books – FAIL!

I failed this in February. Awesome right? But I’ve read the rest of the months so that is still better than last year.

4. Attend more author events

Even though I couldn’t attend BEA this year I have been to several author events. Most recently I went up to DC to Jessica Spotswood release party for Star Cursed. I had an amazing time!

5. Take better notes while reading

My response in March: Yeah… no. My response in June: Still no.

6. Reorganize my bookshelves

I did this!

7. Purge some books

It’s really hard to get rid of books. Even the ones you know you are never going to read or reread.

8. Update GoodReads with my TBR books reviews

I kind of updated GoodReads with my TBR books but mostly not, but I’ve decided to change the goal to updating GoodReads with my reviews because that is what I REALLY need to work on.

9. Make an effort to read books about things that I think I don’t like

I’m actually doing ok at this, and liking the books too. Hopefully my good fortune will continue.

10.  (Added 7/1) Buy less books

I actually set forth this plan in the beginning of the year but didn’t mention it in my goals but I’m adding it now. While I’m still buying books (obviously) I’ve purchased less than last year so that’s a good thing!


So far I’m doing pretty good on my goals. How are you doing on your goals?


3 Responses to “Revisting Bookish Goals 2013 – Mid Year Update”

  1. Alexia

    Number 9 is one that I really need to work on. I don’t like historical fiction so I don’t read it BUT I am trying to expand my horizons just a tiny bit.

  2. Courtney

    I applaud any book lover that sets the goal to buy less books! It is a hard goal but it is so worth it! It forces you to read the ones you’ve already spent money on and to make sure the ones you are taking time to read are the ones you really want to read.
    For me it has completely changed the way I look at my “want to read” list.
    And as far as finishing all book club books. I have only not finished one this year, but I once set a goal that I would finish all book club books the day before book club. This was really hard for me because I usually finish them on my way to book club. Last year I did amazing at this! This year…it has been embarrassingly bad.
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