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June 23, 2013 In Bed With... 12

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 Cynthia Hand BoundlessAfter having a conversation with Jen from YA Romantics I decided that I really needed to buckle down and finish this series. So far I’m enjoying it, but it’s always hard to say goodbye to a series.

In other, strange, news after two years of living in my house I finally met (for real, not just the wave of acknowledgement) the neighbors behind me. I have two different bushes right near the property line and she asked me to remove one of them (my choice lol) because it bothers her that they don’t match. Her husband was clearly embarrassed and apologized for her asking.

I can’t even be appalled at the request because I find it funny that out of all of the badness of my yard (I am so not a gardener) she is bothered by the bushes that don’t match.

If you knew me in real life you would have laughed too…

I was telling my mom this story and all she did was laugh and exclaim “She’s just like you!”

This is true.

Now that the mismatched bushes have been pointed out to me I am now really bothered by it and it looks like I will actually have to do some real yard work now.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!


12 Responses to “Sundays In Bed With… Boundless”

  1. Cindy

    Okay I really need to buckle down and read this series period. I have the books. I got to meet Jen this year at the Harper Collins Party and she is so nice :)

    • Kimberly

      Jen is super nice! The Unearthly series is pretty good, but Jen said something that has me a might bit worried so now I gotta find out what it is!

  2. Kate- Midnight Book Girl

    Okay, maybe I need to DEAR this book too!

    Also, I love that your neighbor is so much like you (although, honestly, you would just quietly seethe for decades over the non-matching bushes instead of asking your neighbor to remove the bush of her choice). I am laughing so hard right now, that I can’t even take the time to call you and tell you how hard I’m laughing.
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  3. Betti

    Good luck with your gardening :) I sort of like the asymmetrical look myself, I do think it drives some people nuts.

    • Kimberly

      Honestly I don’t much care about my yard so not much bothers me about it, but now that it’s been pointed out to me I can’t help but notice it all the time and it definitely bothers me. Sigh. Asymmetrical does look nice, but I like symmetry.

  4. Petty Witter

    I have a confession to make …… unmatched topiary would bother me as well. Not that I think I’d ask a neighbour to remove either of the bushes but it would bother me and I would secretly be longing for one of them to die. (The bushes and not the neighbours that is.)
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    • Kimberly

      I totally get that it would bother you, and I appreciate that you wouldn’t actually say something to your neighbor, just silently wait for the bush to die!