Review * It Had To Be You by Jill Shalvis

July 2, 2013 Reviews 8 ★★★★★

Review * It Had To Be You by Jill ShalvisIt Had To Be You by Jill Shalvis
Series: Lucky Harbor #7
Published by Grand Central on May 28, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 368
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
Also in this series: Lucky in Love, Once in a Lifetime, It's In His Kiss, He's So Fine, One in a Million
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Ali Winters is not having a good day. Her boyfriend left her, everyone in town thinks she's a thief, and now she's about to be kicked out of her home. Her only shot at keeping a roof over her head and clearing her name is to beg for help from a police detective who's as sexy as he is stern....

After a high-profile case goes wrong, Luke Hanover returns to his hometown for some peace and quiet. Instead he finds a bombshell brunette in a heap of trouble. As he helps Ali put her world back together, the pieces of Luke's own life finally seem to fall into place. Is this the start of a sizzling fling? Or are Luke and Ali on the brink of something big in a little town called Lucky Harbor?

What I Thought…

  • The Lucky Harbor series is by far one of my favorite series. I love the town and the characters (both central and secondary) and I wish it were a real place and that I could live there. Since it’s not real I will have to be content reading about it instead. I’ve loved all of the Lucky Harbor books, but this one is definitely my new favorite.
  • The plot of It Had To Be You is a bit ridiculous, but I often enjoy the ridiculous (when it is intended that way). Ali’s boyfriend not only breaks up with her but accuses her of theft and leaves her homeless. Luke is taking a break from being a cop and ends up helping Ali clear her name. Some of the things that happen to them may be a bit over the top, but it’s hilarious.
  • One of my favorite scenes in the book is Ali and Luke’s first meeting. These funny and awkward moments are what made the book so great for me.
  • I can totally see myself being friends with Ali. Not only is she fun, but she doesn’t let anything get her down. Rather than get all down in the dumps and mop around after she was accused of stealing she got angry and took action. She could be a bit vulnerable at times, and to fast to trust, but she didn’t take any crap from anyone either.
  • Luke was… hot. Sexy. Like pretty much every other guy in Lucky Harbor (The ratio of unbelievably attractive guys to normal guys is abnormally high in Lucky Harbor). Despite his toughness he is also nice. He’s got his own family issues going on and even though he would rather things just stay as they are he is willing to accept and make changes.
  • Teddy is Ali’s ex-boyfriend and a complete jerk. Not only was he cheating on her with… everyone it seems, but he has no qualms whatsoever about accusing her of the theft. He’s also extremely arrogant and I wanted to smack him.
  • Luke’s  grandfather lives in Lucky Harbor and is just one of the family issues that Luke is dealing with. I love crazy old grandparents and their crazy old friends. It spices things up a bit!
  • As always the romance between Luke and Ali was cute and fun. Ali is a bit more go with the flow whereas Luke was more “short term,” but you know that this is contemporary romance book so there is no worries about whether or not they will be together at the end.
  • One of the things I love about the Lucky Harbor series is when previous characters pop again and the secondary characters keep reappearing. I love the small town – everyone knows what you’re doing and is all up in you’re business feeling. (In books of course, I don’t really want everyone all up in my business for real).

If you haven’t read the Lucky Harbor series yet I highly recommend it!

Notable Quotes

“I know I might look like a ball of fluff,” she said, “but I’m not. Not even close. And the fact that I get up each morning and put a damn smile on my face is the same as… Batman putting on his cape.”
“I’m not done. It’s… protection. It’s my shield. It’s me waving my middle finger to the world because I choose to be happy. The bottom line, Luke, is that I know what matters and what doesn’t.”


8 Responses to “Review * It Had To Be You by Jill Shalvis”

  1. Christina

    I’ve never read the Lucky Habor series, and I’d never heard of it until now either, but it sounds like a lot of fun. I love when you get to see previous characters in later books, though each book stands on its own. I suspect that is one reason why Sarah Dessen’s novels are so popular. Luke and Ali sound like a great couple–and to be honest, very rarely do I ever, whether contemporary or historical romance, seem to find the plot believable. It does seem to be a lot of It-had-to-be-you or some variation on, you-are-the-hottest-person-I’ve-ever-seen on both ends. But I love romance novels anyway. :) Thanks for introducing me to the LH books, and glad that you enjoyed this one and its character cast!
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    • Kimberly

      I go into most books with the perception that the plot is not believable, but I reserve “ridiculous” for those that are a little more ridiculous than others. I love ridiculousness though!

      The only time I get irritated with ridiculous plots are when the book is claiming to be realistic.

    • Kimberly

      Lol it’s not in Virginia either. But I promise you, if I EVER come across it I will be sure to let you know!!