I Got a NEW JOB!!!

August 16, 2013 Misc 13

I got a new job! The first 5 months of the year I took a grueling (and I do mean grueling) class to get my teachers certificate and all that work has paid off because I got a job teaching high school math!

My first day of work is this Monday and I will have 2 weeks of orientation and preparation before the students start on 9/3. I am both excited and nervous. It’s a big change but I am so excited (and nervous).

So what does this mean for the blog? Right now, I’m not quite sure. While I would love to say that nothing will change and I will be able to read all I have been and all that jazz I just don’t know what’s going to happen.

I’ll still be reading and blogging, I’m just not sure how much.

I hope you all can be patient with me while I settle into a new rhythm and groove!


13 Responses to “I Got a NEW JOB!!!”

  1. Kate- Midnight Book Girl

    Congratulations (of course)! Also, I’m hopeful that after the first few weeks your job won’t be as hectic as you’re expecting. I think that extra time you have in the mornings, the longer commute, all of that will equal some time for books and fun. But whether you post once a month or once a day, I hope that you still have time to read for pleasure even if you don’t have time to blog about it. Heck, maybe even change your review style to a few sentences and a rating for now. I bet you rock the crap out of your new job!
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  2. Erin

    Congratulations! Teaching is one of the hardest, but most rewarding jobs you’ll ever have!!! Don’t beat yourself up if you are doing a lot less personal stuff for a little while. You will eventually find your groove. One thing that I seriously sucked at my first year that I wish I would have learned earlier: set an end time. At first, you’ll feel like you could work until 10PM every night and still not have it all done. And you know what, you won’t, but that’s okay. At least three days a week, set an end time (mine was 6:00) and that’s it, you’re done. Period. No matter what. Put school stuff down and live life. You’ll burn out VERY quickly if you don’t learn to find a balance. Some days you will have to do a little more improvising than you would have liked, and… that’s okay! Most importantly, don’t set yourself up to be the most amazing teacher in the world your first year. It will happen, but it will take practice and lots of mistakes. Ask questions, try things you don’t think will work (sometimes they end up being the best), and always remember that you get to start over tomorrow. Your first year will be a roller coaster, but it will also ignite a passion you’ll carry with you through all of your life. Again, congratulations!!!

  3. Courtney

    I have nothing but patience for you because I am so excited! I think you are going to be amazing! I can’t wait to hear all about your first day!