Mini Review * Ruins by Dan Wells

May 26, 2014 Reviews 3 ★★★★

Mini Review * Ruins by Dan WellsRuins by Dan Wells
Narrated by Julia Whelan
Series: Partials #3
Published by Balzer + Bray on March 11, 2014
Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult
Pages: 464
Format: Audiobook
Source: Borrowed
Also in this series: Partials
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Kira, Samm, and Marcus fight to prevent a final war between Partials and humans in the gripping final installment in the Partials Sequence, a series that combines the thrilling action of The Hunger Games with the provocative themes of Blade Runner and The Stand.

There is no avoiding it—the war to decide the fate of both humans and Partials is at hand. Both sides hold in their possession a weapon that could destroy the other, and Kira Walker has precious little time to prevent that from happening. She has one chance to save both species and the world with them, but it will only come at great personal cost.

What I Thought…

  • Ruins jumps right in and gets started and the action doesn’t stop. It was absolutely addicting to listen to.
  • There is a bit of a message in Ruins, but Well’s worked it in nicely and wasn’t preachy about it.
  • I’m a bit miffed that I wasn’t smart enough to figure out the key to the survival of the partials and humans.
  • The Partials series has a love triangle in it and for the first time in my life I didn’t make the right choice. The choice made was not the one I wanted made and it still angers me.
  • There is so much going on in Ruins, but it’s pretty easy to follow. I thought it was a great, if occasionally sappy, ending to the trilogy.

If you’ve read the first two books in the series, Partials and Fragments, or just like a good fast paced dystopian then Ruins is for you!


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  1. Kate @ Midnight Book Girl

    Wait, what??! You picked the wrong one? I have seriously got to read this book asap!