What I’ve Been Up To Lately

June 13, 2014 Misc 2

May went by in a bit of a blur and I didn’t have much time for anything besides work. May was one of my lowest reading months due to the craziness that was work. Students take their state standardized tests and it was a lot of work to get them ready, administer the tests, wait for results and retesting. I was so exhausted that if I read I was lucky and the blog definitely took a back seat.

This was my first year of teaching and there were many times that I found it hard to balance what I wanted to do (read, blog, watch tv, sleep) with what I needed to do (grade, plan, grade, plan). The next school year should go smoother as one of the course I will be teaching I taught this year so that *should* require less planning time. The other course is new, but as the school year progressed I got faster at doing things so I’m hoping that will carry over into next year!

Since I have the summer off there will be lots of reading and blogging. I not only plan on reading all the books but give my blog an updated look. I really want to do it myself so it’ll probably take me all summer lol, but I will do it! There will also be reviews and TTT’s and other fun bookish things!



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