Sunday’s in Bed With… A Tour of the New Book Room!

January 18, 2015 In Bed With... 3


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If I have time today I’ll be reading Into the Fores by Jean Hegland for book club. Not sure how much time I’ll have as I’ll be working in the morning and there is a Packer game in the afternoon.

I wanted to take out today to show you my new & Improved Book Room/Office. On Friday I had a sudden late night need to fix the hot mess that was my book room/office. I should have taken a before picture (it was so bad). I purchased a new TV for the living room so the old one went into the office and there just wasn’t enough space, so I decided to switch the guest room and office so I could fit all the things.

While doing this I also culled a ton of books, ones I know I’m never going to read or finished ones that just weren’t that interesting.

photo 2[3]

This is a picture of my read bookshelf from June 2012, right before I switched rooms before (obviously I should have just let this room be the book room). There is quite a bit of shelf space left and also still has my mass market paperbacks on this shelf. In the last two and half years I have had to take the mass market books of this shelf and cull quite a few books to get it where it is today.

The New Look


I got rid of sooooo many books that I know I’m not going to read to get the physical TBR down to this size. My goal for 2015 is that this shelf cannot be overflowing so if I can’t fit the book on the shelf that I have to take one off.


The bench is my toy box that my mom refinished for me. Made a nice seating area (ok storage area lol) in the guest room except the other room is smaller and it doesn’t fit. Not sure where I’m going to put it now.


Why are my BEA TBR books separate? Coming back from BEA I thought if I separated them I would read them faster/on time (I didn’t). Also if I move them to the other TBR shelf then I won’t be able to fit them all and per my rule I would have to get rid of some and I don’t want to do that yet. (Rules are made to be broken.) This is where I moved the MMP books to make room on the other shelf along with my niece Reagan’s selection of movies so she can easily make her choice.

IMG_0411This is my finished reading bookshelf. It’s expanded quite a bit since 2012. Like the TBR bookshelf if I can’t fit a book on the shelf then I have to either not keep that one or get rid of a different one. I am not going to expand into another shelf. (Seriously I don’t have room for another shelf!)


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  1. Terri @ Alexia's Books and Such...

    Looks great! And I love how neat your bookshelves are! I like your idea of removing a book for every book you add so the shelves don’t get overcrowded. I have stacks of books on the floor that I’ve been avoiding dealing with, so really need to buckle down and do something. Think I have some serious purging in my future. ha!

    Really like the looks of your old toy box/new storage & seating box, so hope you’re able to find somewhere to put it. Maybe at the foot of your bed?
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