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February 17, 2015 Top Ten Tuesday 8


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the awesome people at The Broke and Bookish, who love lists as much as I do!

Top Ten Books Related Problems I Have

I’m definitely excited for this topic! I can’t wait to see what everyone’s problems are!

In no particular order…

1. I can’t stop reading in the middle of a chapter.

I don’t care how ridiculous this is, I can’t just stop anywhere. I recently read a book that had ZERO chapters. Once I figured this out I had to stop for the night, but I finished it in one sitting the next day because there was no place to stop.

2. I keep my books in pristine condition.


I’ve read this book multiple times, and look, the spine isn’t even cracked!


I know you’re questioning why this is a problem, but I had this conversation at a book signing a couple of weeks ago. None of my books look well read because I am always careful. And even the books I love that I reread I take extra care of.


3. No one wants to read my books.

I found out a few months ago that the other members of my book club are afraid to borrow my books. One of them borrowed a book and returned it unread because they were afraid to read it. Anther borrowed a book and I guess spilled something on it and bought me a new book (which was totally not necessary). I know I like my books in pristine condition, but I wouldn’t loan out a book to someone if it was that important in my life that it couldn’t handle a little damage.

4. I have to read books in order.

I don’t care if its a continuous series or companion novels, I have a hard time with not reading them in order. There have been a couple of companion novels I’ve read out of order and even though I know it’s not a huge deal it still frustrates me.

5. I have a hard time being “told” what to read.

Robin Sloan Mr Penumbra

Despite being “told” to read it, this is one of my favorite book club picks!

It doesn’t matter how amazing the book is, when someone tells me I have to read it (for any reason) I kind of don’t want to. This is especially true for books that aren’t my normal style. It doesn’t even matter if I’m told that I will like it by people I trust to know my tastes, I resist. Most of the time when I finally do read it I love it, but getting there is hard. This is especially hard to deal with in book club as most of the books recommended aren’t books I would pick for myself.

6. No romance usually means I won’t like the book.

I love romance in books. I read a good mix of books where romance is the main plot and where romance is the side plot, but no romance at all generally leaves me unsettled and I end up not really enjoying the book. There doesn’t have to be a lot of romance, just a little bit. And it doesn’t even have to be characters hooking up, it could just be flirting. I just need a little something!

7. I haven’t read a lot of my BEA books.

I’ve gone to BEA twice and come home with a lot of books. Some of them don’t get read because later on I realize I don’t really have interest in reading it (or I fell for the hype at BEA). Some of them don’t get read because I just have a ton of books. I tried putting myself on a schedule last year but that didn’t work (see #5).

8. I can change my mind on a dime.

I could read about a character/plot in one book and love it, and completely hate it in another book. Sometimes I love the alpha hero that saves the day and sometimes it pisses me off. Sometimes I don’t care that the plot is completely implausible, sometimes I nitpick the implausibility to death. Depends on my mood I guess.

9. I’m a sucker for a pretty cover.

Lauren DeStefano WitherWho isn’t, right? There are books I know in advance I want to purchase the print edition because the cover is so pretty. On the flip side there have been some books I’ve intentionally purchased the ebook version because I hated the cover. I have books on my shelves that I didn’t particularly like (Wither, I’m looking at you) but the cover is so gorgeous that I can’t bear to part with it.

10. All the books in a series need to be in the same format/cover style.

I am super picky about this. If I start a series in hardcover, I continue in hardcover, and follow the same rules for paperback and ebooks. I can’t stand when series changes covers and I have mismatching covers.


What bookish problems do you have?


8 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday * Book Problems”

    • Kimberly

      The chapter thing is one of my biggest book pet peeves ever. It’s not normal for people to just stop reading in some random spot!

  1. Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

    1. YES. I HAAAAAATE when books don’t have chapters or when they’re a million pages long because it really bothers me to have to stop reading in the middle of one. Mostly I don’t. I can if they have chapter breaks and I’m desperate, but I really prefer not to.

    4. This too! People get so frustrated with me and companions. They’re like “you don’t need to read that and I don’t think you’ll like it,” but I pretty much have to. I will always remember the books I accidentally read out of order, because it really is frustrating, even when it turned out okay.

    6. There are plenty of books I do love that don’t have romance, but most of the time that’s really what I want to read. I’m with you on a little flirting. As long as there’s something I can ship, even if it just stays in the background.

    7. SAME. I always try, but it’s a Herculean feat.
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    • Kimberly

      4. Even in companions where you know who is going to end up with who there is always the little revelations about how things went down and I hate not reading about those moments in the right book!

      6. Yes. There must be a ship, even if it’s a small one!

  2. Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews

    I have so many of these problems! I forgot about the stopping in the middle of a chapter thing. So true! That is why I’m usually late to places because I have to get to a stopping point. I also usually need some type of romance in my books. Yeah love!