Feeling Validated

May 19, 2015 Education 6


Throughout both my first and second year teaching I’ve loved doing it. It’s had it’s hard and stressful moments for sure, but overall I couldn’t be happier making this change. As my second year of teaching comes to a close I can say that I finally feel validated in my the career choice.

Every year our students take the state mandated SOL tests. Last year was rough for me. It was only my first year teaching, but there is a lot of pressure on students and teachers on these tests, and it didn’t go particularly well for me. My Geometry pass rate was 60%, under the state recommended pass rate of 70%. My fellow teachers were very supportive and reminded me constantly that as a first year teacher I was not expected to have the same scores as veteran teachers, but it still stings. I like to be successful at the things I do!

This year has also had it’s ups and downs but teaching the same thing for a second year helped a lot in terms of how I understood the material and my ability to explain it to students.

I still have one class left to test, but for my other two classes my pass rate is 78%!! I could not be more excited!!! I finally feel like I do actually know what I am doing!


6 Responses to “Feeling Validated”

  1. Julie @ Smiling Shelves

    Congratulations! I know the feeling well. We just took our spring test as well. I was pleased with some of my students’ scores and kind of disappointed with others. And every year of teaching gets easier, I promise! :)

    • Kimberly

      Thanks! I think with any test there are always a few scores that I am disappointed in, but overall I am thrilled with my scores! It’s good to know that each year gets easier!