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January 5, 2016 Top Ten Tuesday 5


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the awesome people at The Broke and Bookish, who love lists as much as I do!

Top Ten New Years Resolutions

I’m not really a big fan of resolutions, but I like goals so here are my goals (and they are not necessarily relegated to just 2016)


1. The Bookshelf

I have this beautiful bookshelf that my uncle made me that houses all of my read books (excluding mass market paperbacks because they aren’t the right size). I’m trying to cut back on what I own so I made a promise to myself (and my mother) two summers ago that I would never have more read books than fit on that shelf. I’ve done two purges and feel pretty good, but now…. Not so much. I am nearing capacity which means I need another purge.

2. TBR

I am hoping to cut my TBR down by 50% by either reading or weeding. This goes along with cutting back, I just need less stuff, and some of these books have been on my TBR shelf since before I started blogging. It’s time to figure out if they even interest me anymore.


3. No more soda

I’ve quit soda few times, including this past year, but the beginning of the school year really got to me and soda was my go to. I’ve had two blood tests done this year and both times my glucose came back at 99 and it’s supposed to be between 65-99. Since both my parents have some form of diabetes I need to keep that in check so the soda has to go. And probably some other stuff too, but I’m starting there.

4. Improve my 10k time

5 years ago I did the Monument Ave 10k. I also did it last year and just missed breaking my first time by 30 seconds. So frustrating! My goal this year is to break that time, which also means that I have to lose some weight because no way am I going to break that time 25 lbs heavier than I was 5 years ago.

5. Look for a new school

I’m not particularly happy at my current school and since it’s a 40 minute drive I feel like at the very least I could be unhappy closer to home. We’ll see what happens, but I am hoping to get into a new school. I’ll miss my redneck students but I need to do what’s right for me.


6. Save money

I’ve had a lot of expenses this year and money is tight. I came across the 52 Week Money Challenge on Facebook and thought this looked like something I could easily do.

7. Calm down the fears

Honestly I’m not sure how to go about doing this, but in recent years I am becoming increasingly worried about all the things. Then the worry builds on other worries and I just kind of freak out. I’m not sure how to combat this, but I need to relax.

8. Cut back on social media

I spend way to much time checking Facebook and sometimes Twitter. I need to cut back. I’m hoping that I can do this on my own, but if need be I’m going to remove the apps from my phone as that is where I check most often.

What are your 2016 Goals?


5 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday * New Years Resolutions”

  1. Kate @ Midnight Book Girl

    Great resolutions, Kim! I need to quit soda again, I’ve been drinking it at work simply because it’s easier than trying to bring my water… so that is over with! Back to water and sparkling water for me!

    And I hear you about the stress/worry. Anxiety is really, really common as we get older, but I’m trying to learn to deal with it (although, I am glad I spoke to my doctor about it, because I do have medicine that allows me to shut the anxiety down at night… but the funny thing is that I rarely have to use it now- just knowing it’s there takes pressure off), but I still have plenty of anxiety over dumb stuff during the day. So if you find something that works, let me know! Hopefully just taking better care of ourselves in 2016 will help some of that!

    I purged a lot of books- you were my inspiration! I still have tons, but it’s getting easier to part with books that I really have no interest in reading or re-reading.
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  2. Jen @ YA Romantics

    I’m that weird person who hates drinking water. And I was also drinking too much soda (diet, so no sugar, but all those strange chemicals). Now I always have cans of seltzer in the fridge (has to be cans; plastic doesn’t get it cold enough). Sometimes I drink them straight, sometimes I put in a squeeze of lime juice and sometimes I put in a little pomegranate juice. It’s working pretty well. In the summer, I make iced herbal tea. Or regular iced tea.

    Good luck with your resolutions. I have no advice on the worrying. That is a big issue for me too :(

  3. Jenny

    I love these! Your goal to purge your tbr shelf has inspired me. I know there’s books on my shelf I’ll never read.

    K, wait. I thought glucose levels were supossed to be between 65-120. If you’re drinking soda and only going up to 99 I’d say you’re doing great!

  4. Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase

    You have such great goals! I have cut down to 1 Dr. Pepper a day, when I used to drink 4+ per day. I started having high blood pressure while I was pregnant last year and it still hasn’t gone down, and caffeine doesn’t help. Plus, I would like to lose some weight and all that sugar doesn’t help that! So I feel your pain with this one. It is hard, but it is totally doable.

    And as someone with anxiety, I understand all the worry. I hope that your worry isn’t anxiety, because it’s not fun. But if it is, just know that you are not alone, and there are lots of ways to combat anxiety. I’m always here to talk to if you need, too.

    And I have to say that my break from Facebook has been really nice. I completely stayed away from it for about a month, and I do look at it here and there now, but I used to look at it every day, multiple times a day. My fingers would automatically open the app on my phone all the time. Now I’ve taken the app off my phone and it’s so nice. I’ve found that I follow a lot of bloggers and bookish people on Twitter so although there is sometimes drama in that community, it’s not the same as all the negative stuff on Facebook.

    Good luck with all your goals! You can do it!!!
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