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Aug 15

Review * Game On by Michelle Smith

Reviews 3 ★★★★

I received this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review * Game On by Michelle SmithGame On by Michelle Smith
Series: Lewis Creek #2
Published by Bloomsbury Spark on August 16, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 328
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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As king of baseball in the small town of Lewis Creek, Eric Perry can have any girl he wants and win every game he plays. But when a fight lands him in jail, he’s only got one more strike before his baseball career is over for good. His only chance for redemption? The girl next door, Bri Johnson.

Bri hasn’t talked to Eric in months—for starters, she’s been too busy dealing with her jerk of an ex-boyfriend, not to mention the fact that Eric’s been preoccupied trying to drink every keg in the country dry. But when he needs a way to stay on the team, she proposes a plan: if he helps her out with community service, he can stay on the team. At first it’s a nightmare—Eric and Bri stopped being friends years ago, surely that was for a good reason, right? But as volunteering turns to bonding over old memories of first kisses under the stars, they start to have trouble remembering what pushed them apart.

In a town as small as Lewis Creek, nothing stays secret for long and their friendship and romance might mean bad news. But in this final, tumultuous spring before graduation, Eric and Bri are about to realize that nobody’s perfect alone, but they might just be perfect together.

What I Thought…

• Game on was one of my most anticipated books for awhile. I loved Play On and was so excited to see that there was going to be another book set in Lewis Creek. I flew through Game On and have no regrets of staying up late to finish it.

• I’m a huge fan of boy/girl next door books and this one is even better because they were friends when they were kids and just kind of grew apart. I love that they were able to fall back in to that friendship.

• At the beginning Bri is dating this asshole Matt. He is controlling and Bri is finally starting to see that she needs to get out, but has a hard time with it. While it was painful to read at times, it was realistic… it’s easy to get stuck in these relationships and have a hard time getting out. View Spoiler »

• Eric is quite the trouble maker. It annoyed me how much got covered up in the beginning, but we all know that in some places student athletes get things covered up, and I’ve heard of a lot worse. I really like that Eric finally started to understand that it was a bit of self fulfilling prophecy and that he needed to change.

• Bri has a rough family situation and my heart just broke for her. Her mom left when she was a kid and her dad is a truck driver so she is alone a lot. It’s a good thing that Eric has an awesome family and they are right next door.

• I think one of the best things about Game On was that there were adults, and adults that were not idiots and just there because the author decided to throw an adult in. They played a good roll in the story and I loved Eric’s parents. Honestly, I loved his whole family, they are the kind of family that you can’t help but love in all their craziness.

• There needed to be more kissing. Definitely not enough kissing.

• I also wish that the plot line with Bri’s ex Matt would have not overshadowed Bri and Eric’s developing relationship. I felt that it dragged on a bit and there were enough other things going on for Bri and Eric to deal with.

Overall I loved returning back to Lewis Creek and Game On is a perfect summer read!


Aug 09

Top Ten Tuesday * Freebie

Top Ten Tuesday 2


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the awesome people at The Broke and Bookish, who love lists as much as I do!

Top Ten Freebie – Fun Facts about Moi!

I missed this one while I was on vacation and wanted to do it so… here we go! Some are book related some are not. Enjoy.

1. I have never proof read a paper I wrote. Way back in elementary school my mom would type my papers as I dictated to her and she would fix them up as we went. When I started typing my own papers I would give them to my mom to proofread. This went on through high school, college, my teacher certificate program, resumes, and cover letters.

2. I have tendinitis in my fingers and my right elbow. I used to play piano, which is the reason why I sometimes have trouble with my hands today. My elbow is a bit more of a mystery, but it’s a combination of how I sit in a car, my work at McDonald’s and my work on the computer.

3. Last year I got rid of almost 200 books that I owned. I made a promise that I would never go past my one bookshelf for my read bookshelf so I’ve culled a lot. I also culled a lot of TBR books that I know I’ll never read.

4. I don’t feel the same way about blogging as I used to. This one hurts a bit to admit, but I used to be bothered if I didn’t post, but now I’m not. My life priorities shifted and blogging is just not up there like it used to be. I still want to do it, I just don’t have it in me to build it up more.

5. I belong to the best book club in the history of ever. We’re more than just a book club, we’re friends and that’s what makes us so awesome.

6. I have Apiphobia, fear of bees. They make me panic and hyperventilate and all that jazz. Last year I got stung twice at the same time (by two bees or one bee twice) and it was actually not as terrible as it was in my head. You would think that would lesson my fear some but now I am afraid that I am allergic to bees, the first sting is usually free, it’s the second time you get stung that you learn if you are allergic or not. I’m not terrified I will get stung and no one will be around.

7. I used to have to own all the books in a series (preferably in the same format), but I’ve managed to let that go, especially for series I’m not in love with. Looking at my bookshelves I have a few first in series books, a few series that I have a mix of traditional and arcs and a few series that have mis-matched covers. The only one that actually bothers me is my ARC of This Shattered World has just a white spine. Drives me nuts!

8. I will never give away my copy of Wither by Lauren DeStefano. I will never read the rest of the series but damn that cover is one of the prettiest covers ever.

9. Despite my love for Harry Potter I don’t plan on reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. There are a few different reasons, but the biggest one is that given what I’ve heard about it already I don’t think it’s going to invoke those same feelings that the series did for me and I don’t want the memories I have of those feelings to go away.

Dean10. I’ve started watching Supernatural, which I am enjoying despite the fact that I am a scaredy cat. Except one episode, that one instilled fear in me for about a week. But other than that… it’s all about Dean.


Aug 05

Back to School!

Education, School 4


Hello Everyone! This sums up my feelings on school supplies. I have a hard time saying no and have already dropped a good chunk of change for the upcoming school year. But it’s all good because I am pumped and ready for a fresh new start.

This year I’ll be at a new school and I am both excited and a wee bit nervous. I’m not always very good with change but I just could not pass up this opportunity. I know someone that works at my new school who absolute loves it there and it’s only 15 minutes away versus the 40 I was driving before.

Every new school year is a fresh start, but this one more so because it’s a new school too, so the students don’t have any preconceived notions about me. I’m not really able to work on much curriculum wise (which to be honest I don’t really need to because I am not teaching anything new), but I’ve been working on things for the classroom.

#1 – The Bulletin Board


Someone posted it this to my Facebook a few months ago and I knew this was something I wanted to put up in my classroom to turn those negative feelings around.

#2 – The Happy Board

FullSizeRender 2

I got this idea from another teacher to keep things that the students wrote/gave me so that if I have a bad day I can look at these things and remember them. I left plenty of white space for things from my new students!

I also wanted to take a moment to share the card. It’s definitely the best thing I’ve gotten from a student in my three years of teaching.


#3 – Student Quotes

The last two years I’ve had my Geometry students write letters to future students. This years letters were REALLY GOOD and they had some very helpful advice so I made a quote poster. The plan is to hopefully have it blown up and printed on big paper to display in my classroom, but I’m not sure that my school has that machine. If not I will just make copies and pass them out to students.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.10.06 AM

I really hope that I can get it in color too, but we’ll see.

That’s about all from me now. I hope to have some more reviews and things coming soon!