Moving… but don’t worry, I’ll still be around!

February 20, 2017 Misc 2

Hello everyone!

I have an exciting, yet a little bit sad, announcement to make. I will be joining Kate over at Midnight Book Girl to continue my blogging endeavor.

When Kate made the suggestion that we should co-blog it just felt like right now was the right time to make this move. I love my little blog, but I blog sporadically and even though I’ve been gaining momentum, it’s still a lot of work and I’d really like to stay on WordPress, but it’s hard to make that justification for how much I use it.

I know that Kate and I will be awesome together and I hope that if you aren’t already following Midnight Book Girl that you hop on over to do so. You won’t be disappointed. (I promise I’ll be sharing my teacher stories and all my bookish goodness!)

In addition to being a co-blogger on Midnight Book Girl I am on Instagram and eventually I will return to Twitter. I love my Twitter friends but I need to step back from the politics at this time.

Instagram – kimmypete1

Twitter – kim_mdngt_book


2 Responses to “Moving… but don’t worry, I’ll still be around!”

  1. Jenny

    I’m excited about this move. I think it’s a perfect match. I’ve been following both you and Kate for years! You’ll be great together!