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Apr 16

Moving to WordPress – The Good and the Bad

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The move to WordPress definitely comes with risks, but after debating about it for a while I decided it was definitely the right choice for me. Here’s the lowdown on the move.

Why I Moved

1. Google and I were starting to become frenemies

2. I want to do more things with my blog and Blogger doesn’t have the same capabilities

3. The Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin (This will get it’s own post at a later time because it is that awesome!)

The Design

I’ve done quite a bit of design work on my Blogger blog, enough that I thought I could tackle doing my own WordPress design. Because I was already spending money on a host I didn’t want to also buy a theme or framework so I worked with one of the standard WordPress ones. I made a ton of modifications to get things how I wanted them. This took a lot of time and hair pulling to get things to work right.

Everything was going along great until I was just about finished and I discovered that I was doing it ALL WRONG! Rather than start over I finished my design, but now I have to follow these crazy instructions on how to change the modified theme into my own theme so that WordPress doesn’t do an update and I lose all my changes. (For those that want to know I edited my theme’s HTML, not my child theme’s CSS).

I’m happy with my design but I will probably spend the money sometime in the future on a framework and theme and do it right. If you don’t know a lot of design stuff I recommend having someone do the design for you.

The Move

I did a lot of research on how to do the move myself and I still had a problem (I missed a step). After I got my design all squared away and imported my posts I went to make the change and immediately got a 504 error. There was definitely some panicking going on but I called Bluehost and 30 minutes later the blog was up on and running. The support at Bluehost is phenomenal. Seriously. He knew right away what the problem was and told me what I needed to do to fix it (I needed to contact the company where I purchased my url). After I took care of that problem I called Bluehost back and they walked me through the rest of the switch. The best part of Bluehosts customer service is that both people I spoke with used regular words to tell me what to do (instead of computer speak).

I think this part of the move was pretty easy, and no matter what your level of computer skills is you can do it (plus you can always call your hosting company and have them walk you through it).

Moving My Followers

This was what worried me the most. I didn’t want to lose all my followers. I found a lot of step by step instructions on how to do this and it kind of worked.

I started off with Parajunkee Design’s tutorial on how to transfer from Blogger to WordPress (I only used the parts related to transferring my feed, not the part about moving my blog). I followed all the instructions on a Friday afternoon and then settled in to wait to see what happened with my followers (Feedburner only updates the count once a day at like midnight).

I was absolutely elated on Saturday when I saw that my follower count was the same. My first scheduled post was scheduled for Sunday so the first thing I did when I got up Sunday morning was check my feed and I was relieved to see that my post was indeed in my reader :)

Then I checked Feedburner and was quite surprised to see that I only had 37 followers! I double checked all the things and everything seems set up right and some friends have confirmed that they are still getting the feed so I don’t know what the deal is.

I’ve decided not to panic about it.

Am I Glad I Made the Move?

In a word: Yes! I love all the things I can do with it, though I still have a lot to learn. I know there have been some horror stories of the move not going well but overall I would consider my move a success, even though Feedburner isn’t exactly working like I hoped.



Sep 22

Why You Should Check Your Blog On Multiple Browsers

Blogging 20

I almost had a complete melt down last night. I was using my work computer decided to take a short break and do so blog stuff, I was working on my test blog but decided I’d rather do some commenting instead so I went to my blog. And it looked like this:

Blog Look

Which for obvious reasons had me freaking out, as this is not what it was supposed to look at. So I tried going to the layout page to rearrange the widgets, only there the widgets were still perfectly in order. So I thought maybe I accidently did something to this template instead of my test blog so I went to my personal computer to download the template I had saved. When I logged into my blog on my mac I saw this:

Blog Look 2

(I took the pic too fast and it was still loading which is why there is no font on the sidebars.)

This completely baffled me. I uploaded my template anyway and everything was still the same. So I emailed Lori from Imagination Designs and Pure Imagination (who designed my fabulous blog, among other fabulous blogs) and she sent me my original template. When I uploaded that everything was fine, just my widgets were out of place.

When I started moving my widgets back into place everything got all messed up again! I was so confused! But then it occurred to me that it had to be a widget that was causing the problem. So I went and found the offending widget, removed it and voilà! Problem solved!

If I wouldn’t have been sitting at my work computer I never would have gone on to my blog using Internet Explorer because on all other computers I use Firefox, and I never would have seen this problem. It’s bad enough that it was like that for 2 days, it could have been like that for weeks before I would have noticed, if ever!

The Point: When you make changes or add widgets or whatever, take a second to check out what it looks like in other browsers (mainly IE cause they are the funny one) to make sure that everything works and looks right.

Also, since I was going through all this trouble anyway I decided not to wait until Bloggiesta next weekend to upload my new two column template. Stop by and tell me what you think!


Apr 08

Who’s got a new blog design? This girl does!

Blogging 19

I am so stoked!  It’s so pretty!  I just want to stare at it all day long!

The fabulous Lori from Imagination Designs has done a wonderful job designing my blog!  I am sooooooo happy with it!!!  She was really easy to work with and did an AMAZING job! 
Please be patient as I play with the layout a bit and update my posts to fit the new design.


Jan 29

This Blog Has a New Name!!!

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When I decided to start a blog it was a last minute thing so I didn’t exactly put any time into picking my name.  I’ve been wanting to change my name for awhile now but it’s really, really hard to come up with a good name.  On the Wings of Books was actually my seventh attempt at a name as the previous six did not pan out.

I also decided to get my own domain.  Why move twice?

I’ve been assured that the move should be so seamless that if it wasn’t for this post you might not even know it happened. 

Let’s hope it’s true!


Dec 01


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After a lot of thinking I’ve decided just to keep my challenge list to 2.  I’ve only been blogging for a little over a month so I don’t want to get carried away.  I think it would be much better for me to set a more personal goal for 2012.  I read a lot, but I am awful about keeping track of what I read.  I joined Goodreads last December and I started with a goal of 100 books for the year, and sometime in June or July I changed it to 52 since I hardly put any books down.  According to Goodreads I’ve read only 25 books this year and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

So for 2012 my goal is to keep track of everything that I read.

Even though I haven’t had a lot of time for reading this last month I’ve been pretty good about keeping track so I’m hoping that this will carry over to the new year.

Side note: Up until I started this blog I never really read any blogs.  I read a friend’s blog occasionally, but that’s was it.  Now I read a ton of blogs.  All book related of course!  (And I have also added a ton to my TBR list.)