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Feb 20

Moving… but don’t worry, I’ll still be around!

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Hello everyone!

I have an exciting, yet a little bit sad, announcement to make. I will be joining Kate over at Midnight Book Girl to continue my blogging endeavor.

When Kate made the suggestion that we should co-blog it just felt like right now was the right time to make this move. I love my little blog, but I blog sporadically and even though I’ve been gaining momentum, it’s still a lot of work and I’d really like to stay on WordPress, but it’s hard to make that justification for how much I use it.

I know that Kate and I will be awesome together and I hope that if you aren’t already following Midnight Book Girl that you hop on over to do so. You won’t be disappointed. (I promise I’ll be sharing my teacher stories and all my bookish goodness!)

In addition to being a co-blogger on Midnight Book Girl I am on Instagram and eventually I will return to Twitter. I love my Twitter friends but I need to step back from the politics at this time.

Instagram – kimmypete1

Twitter – kim_mdngt_book


Jan 01

Happy New Year!

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All in all 2016 was a pretty good for me, but I’m still ready for 2017 to begin. I love the fresh start, and because I am who I am, I also love that this year January 1 is on a Sunday. It’s the perfect new beginning!

Today is my last day of winter break before I school begins again tomorrow. This break has felt way to short, probably because I traveled and that always makes the break seem shorter.

Today my day will be spent reading and watching football. And a nap because my team doesn’t play until 8:30 which means I’ll be up late and I don’t want to return to school all grouchy.

I’m currently reading these two beauties right here.

How are you spending your New Years?


Jul 15

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things!

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Guys, I’m really trying to get back into the swing of things. I love my book blog but lately I haven’t been reading as much and just generally not feeling it. However, I’m back from vacation and feeling relaxed and refreshed and reading to get back into it. I hope to have a few reviews, a TTT or two coming in the next few weeks. For now, enjoy these pics of my vacation!

IMG_1697 IMG_1715 IMG_1740 IMG_1769 IMG_1759 IMG_1775 IMG_1749 DEIZ1690 IMG_1797KNQM8143INBH2669MTJA2700


Jun 13

What I’ve Been Up To Lately

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May went by in a bit of a blur and I didn’t have much time for anything besides work. May was one of my lowest reading months due to the craziness that was work. Students take their state standardized tests and it was a lot of work to get them ready, administer the tests, wait for results and retesting. I was so exhausted that if I read I was lucky and the blog definitely took a back seat.

This was my first year of teaching and there were many times that I found it hard to balance what I wanted to do (read, blog, watch tv, sleep) with what I needed to do (grade, plan, grade, plan). The next school year should go smoother as one of the course I will be teaching I taught this year so that *should* require less planning time. The other course is new, but as the school year progressed I got faster at doing things so I’m hoping that will carry over into next year!

Since I have the summer off there will be lots of reading and blogging. I not only plan on reading all the books but give my blog an updated look. I really want to do it myself so it’ll probably take me all summer lol, but I will do it! There will also be reviews and TTT’s and other fun bookish things!



May 04

I’m Looking for Audiobook Recommendations!!!!

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This June I am taking a road trip to see my brother and sister in law in Texas, which is about 22 hours away. I have some audiobooks that I’ve been saving for the trip, but since I never know what mood I’ll be in I am looking for more suggestions. I’m not looking for any specific genres (though no non fiction please) but I am looking for books that are preferably fast paced. Any suggestions would be awesome!


Nov 23

Catching Up!

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Catching up is hard to do!

I’d like to say that I’ve settled on a new routine, but really I’m still figuring things out! I’m still reading though and slowly getting back into the swing of blogging (I miss you guys so much!)

Things I’ve read recently

I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to giving these books a full review but I wanted to make sure they got some attention!

Completely Awesome Books

Not a Drop to DrinkNot a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis was everything I hoped it would be. It was dark, with just the right amount of hope. I loved the characters and the plot. The ending was also exactly how a dystopian should end. I would recommend Not a Drop to Drink to anyone who likes dystopian or dark books. Also it is a standalone!

5 Stars


Jill Shalvis Always on My MindAlways on My Mind by Jill Shalvis became my absolute new favorite in the Lucky Harbor Series. Shalvis’ books keep getting better and better. Shalvis writes such wonderful characters and I will always come back for more!

5 Stars



Diane Setterfield Thirteenth TaleI read The Thirteenth Tale for book last month and it was the perfect October book. It was creepy and disturbing (a little bit of old school VC Andrews). it’s the perfect book for book lovers too!

5 Stars



Excellent Books

Susan Ee Angelfall Angelfall by Susan Ee was recommended to me by Kelly of Radiant Shadows a long time ago and I just recently read it and loved it! Whether you are a fan of angle books or not I encourage you to give Angelfall a try. Ee’s world building is fantastic and the storyline was amazing. And for those that are worried about this being paranormal romance, it’s not. I can’t wait to start World After.

4 Stars


Maggie S Dream ThievesI enjoyed The Dream Thieves just as much as I enjoyed The Raven Boys. Maggie Stiefvater’s writing is magical, the plot is magical too. My only complaint is that I still don’t feel like any questions were answered!

4 Stars



Good Books

Myra McEntire InfinityglassWhile I liked the ending to the Hourglass Trilogy I didn’t enjoy Infinityglass as much as Hourglass or Timepiece. The storyline was fine but I didn’t really connect with either Hallie or Dune.

3 Stars



Not So Good Books

Gabriel Honestly I have never been so baffled by a book’s high rating before. Not even with Beautiful Disaster. The characters were incredibly annoying, there was no showing only telling. Also there was no sex until the very end. There wasn’t even any sexual tension or steamy make-out scenes!

1 Stars


Sep 07


Misc 13

It’s only been two weeks, but it feels like forever! I miss blogging and my blogging peeps but I am still adjusting to my new schedule, which consists mostly of work.


That pretty much sums up how I feel! My first week went great despite the fact that I A: Had to participate in the pep rally and B: Rushed doing the answer key on my first homework assignment and got 4 of the problems wrong. Thankfully I was awesome enough to use it as a teaching moment (“Students this is why we do not rush through our work and also why we double check!”) rather than it being a freak out moment. Still, it was rather embarrassing!

Anyway, I am still reading (sadly, not as much) and I plan on sneaking back into the blogosphere near the end of September. I also hope to have some kind of commenting routine down by then since my old one of doing it while I was at work no longer applies ;)


Aug 16

I Got a NEW JOB!!!

Misc 13

I got a new job! The first 5 months of the year I took a grueling (and I do mean grueling) class to get my teachers certificate and all that work has paid off because I got a job teaching high school math!

My first day of work is this Monday and I will have 2 weeks of orientation and preparation before the students start on 9/3. I am both excited and nervous. It’s a big change but I am so excited (and nervous).

So what does this mean for the blog? Right now, I’m not quite sure. While I would love to say that nothing will change and I will be able to read all I have been and all that jazz I just don’t know what’s going to happen.

I’ll still be reading and blogging, I’m just not sure how much.

I hope you all can be patient with me while I settle into a new rhythm and groove!


May 22

Catching Up

Misc 8

Oh how quickly one falls behind!

It was silly of me to assume that once my class ended everything would just “go back to normal.” That has yet to happen. I’ve had lots of things to do that I put off and work has been more… work, so I haven’t been able to write any posts then either.


Arches National Park, Utah (To break up the monotony)

I’m hopefully going to be able to spend the next week at work catching up on all blog related things. The timing for this couldn’t be better since half the bloggers I know are going to BEA next week. (I hope everyone has fun!)

Things you can look forward to:

  • Survey results and survey giveaway winner!
  • A discussion on my rating system, why I think I need to change it and how I’m going to change it.
  • Reviews for: Perfect Chemistry, The Diviners, How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True, Fragments (if I ever FINISH the book) and possibly A Discovery of Witches.
  • The return of commenting! I have like 100 posts I marked as favorites in my reader to go back and comment on. Truthfully I probably won’t comment on all those, but I will get back to commenting and

I will also have an end of the month wrap up post where I will finally start disclosing the books I’ve purchased. So far May doesn’t look too bad…



Oct 27

Just a quick note!

Misc 17



This is how I feel right about now!

Everything this month has been crazy and this coming week will be the craziest yet. And to top it all off Hurricane Sandy is looming down upon the Eastern Shore. The good news for me is that it appears that she will turn in around NJ/NY which means that we will not be taking a direct in VA. However we still will be having rain and high winds so we are still in the “likely power outage” category.

Anyways, all this means that I will hardly be around this coming week.  My best chance for commenting and reading other blogs this week will be at work, so if the hurricane passes by with little damage I will be able to return all the comments and catch up on visiting blogs. If there are impacts from the hurricane then work will likely be crazy and I will not be able to do anything blog related. And all of this is dependent on having power.

I promise that in November my commenting and visiting will be much better! While a lot of you other bloggers will be NaNoWriMo-ing in November I will be commenting, visiting, posting and catching up on this:


Eeek! Though it’s not at all surprising since I haven’t finished a book since the readathon…

To all those who are in the path of Hurricane Sandy stay safe! Be prepared! And if they tell you to evacuate, please do so! Do not be one of those crazy people who are staying “to protect their house” or because “it’s not gonna be bad.” You and your family are way more important than your house!