Review Request Policy


Updated 7/15/13 – Due to my current circumstances I am currently not accepting any review books.

If you are an author, agent, or publisher interested in having me review one of your books please contact me at kimberly [at] onthewingsofbooks [dot] com.  I will accept physical ARC’s as well as ebooks, however ebook files need to be in pdf or epub format as I do not own a Kindle.

I will try to read and review all books sent to me as long as they are within my interests, however I am not obligated to read or review any that are sent to me.  All my reviews are written honestly and will include the following items: title, author, summary, expected publishing date and from where I received the book.

My interests: I am a fairly eclectic reader, but there are some genres and types of books that I do not enjoy, therefore I will not accept them for review.

These lists are not inclusive and are subject to change at any time.

Types of books I enjoy
YA (i.e. Anna and the French Kiss, Delirium, Catching Jordan)
Adult Fiction (i.e. Meg Cabot , Kristan Higgins)
Mystery (i.e. Ellery Adams)
Thriller (i.e.John Grisham, James Patterson)
Contemporary (i.e. Susan Elizabeth Phillips)
Dystopian (i.e. Divergent, Delirium)
Some Paranormal (i.e. Glimmer)

Types of books I will NOT review*
Middle Grade
Science Fiction
Historical Fiction
Books with zombies or aliens in them

*There will be no exceptions made for these types of books

If I accept your book for review please allow me up to two months to review your book.  Accepting your book for review does not guarantee that I will review it.  There could be various reasons for this, but should I decide, or am unable, to review your book I will notify you.


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